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No More Complaining Without A Solution
Do not bring me a complaint without having a solution to go along with it. Do NOT bring me a complaint without having a solution to go along with it.Repeat this to yourse... Read More »
Debunking The Myth of Dressing For A Man
"I always questioned why is it when I do my hair really nice, do my make-up all cute and wear flattering clothes ... no men approach me, but when I just be kind of basic,... Read More »
Bullying Stops With The Crowd Not The Players
On one of the writing forums that I frequent, a female member asked if the popular trope of men being at odds and fighting it out before become best friends is a real one... Read More »
Women Intimidated By A Bachelor’s Clean House
Bachelors, do women find it intimidating when you keep your home spotless? I would think this to be false but quite a number of men have reported that they get snide rema... Read More »
On The Topic of Money And Your Psyche
“Think rich. Riches begin with a state of mind with definitions of purpose, with little or no hard work” ~ Napoleon HillMoney is powerfully linked with our minds, an... Read More »
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William D. Swenson – Medal of Honor Recipient
If you didn’t know by now, November marks the start of Military Family Appreciation Month. It should be fitting then that we all tip our caps to former Army Captain Wil... Read More »
Richard Harrow – A Beautiful Assassin
Many people like the character of Richard Harrow played by Jack Huston on HBO’s hit show Boardwalk Empire. While we may admire Richard Harrow as a professional and a ... Read More »