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An Official Statement On The Man-Bun Trend
  Editor's note: This is a lighthearted post made to address the current trend of men wearing "buns" and is not meant to harass or offend. If you have a man-bun and are... Read More »
To Breathe Is To Live – Here’s How!
Stop for a second, and notice your breathing. Is it from your chest or is it from deep within your belly? You might discover you are taking shallow breaths from your ch... Read More »
This Dystopian Masquerade That We Live In
When people come together anonymously and call themselves a community it can become very confusing as to who is genuine. We see it on social media more than anything e... Read More »
Success Is Intentional – Not A Game Of Luck
Does it seem like you can never catch a break? That every time you take 3 steps forward you wind up being thrown 5 steps back? Well here is a story about winning agains... Read More »
About Those Bad Friends & Family Members
There have been plenty of times in the last few years when I've seen the family members of friends getting over on them in one way or another. Some family members use t... Read More »
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I Am Not My Hair – Being Bald As A Woman
"Ugly is a field without grass, a plant without leaves, or a head without hair."
Ovid "The Silent Woman" The meaning of being bald as a woman: “What does it mean ... Read More »
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William D. Swenson – Medal of Honor Recipient
If you didn’t know by now, November marks the start of Military Family Appreciation Month. It should be fitting then that we all tip our caps to former Army Captain Wil... Read More »
Richard Harrow – A Beautiful Assassin
Many people like the character of Richard Harrow played by Jack Huston on HBO’s hit show Boardwalk Empire. While we may admire Richard Harrow as a professional and a ... Read More »
Get In The Basement – Rashida Jones
It’s bad enough that in the age of Twitter a celebrity’s name can be smeared and damaged uncontested through 140 characters by losers worldwide but nothing beats an... Read More »