Nadia Arain | Featured Model
Who's That Girl?
Name: Nadia Arain
Occupation: Model
Hatched: London, United Kingdom
100% C.D.L.
The Dragon on Nadia:

A man can get drunk staring into those big beautiful brown eyes. Nadia is the definitive Lady Dragon.


Taken from

"Bellydance gave me freedom in my movement and expression in self-love as far as my body is concerned"

Nadia Arain is a British Mixed Heritage Model and Dancer. Her Origins include both Indian and Iranian with her parents hailing originally from East Africa. At 14, Nadia was performing dance routines at her school: dancing and choreographing for both herself and others - performing on center stage. Nadia has said that "Dance is an expression of creativity, something different to everyday monotonous life". She went on at 16 to enroll at a Dance Studio whilst studying at college where she enhanced her already strong bellydancing skills and took up both Salsa and Street Dance.

Nadia Arain - HOBD Featured Modella
Nadia's Mini Gallery
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