Jul 28

There are always people at work who you have to deal with on a daily basis and simply loathe the time spent with them. Because it’s your work place, you must keep the peace and act as if they matter until they are out of your space.  Here’s my list of the top ten annoying co-workers.

  1. Dog Talk
    Hear this dog lovers – not everyone cares about your dogs and the cute way he jumps in the pool with you when you are trying to relax. Truth be told, I think it’s kind of gross to be in any body of water with an animal (or the bed for that matter). Unless the person on the other side of the conversation is a known dog lover as well, keep your dog comments to yourself.
  2. Business meets Personal
    When you are at work, that’s the only mode you need to be in. Bringing personal problems into the workplace is not cool. It makes people who really aren’t your friends gossip about you and how you were holed up in your cubicle crying about your boyfriend’s lack of faithfulness.
  3. Fake friends
    I cannot stress enough that people at work are NOT your friend, unless you see and talk to them outside of work. I’ve been in situations where someone who thinks we are tight because I listen to her during a break gets terminated and then complains that I don’t talk to them anymore. If we never spoke outside of work before you got fired, why would I want to speak to you now?
  4. Sharing Pictures
    If it’s not your immediate family, then no need to share. Sure, you talk about your kids or your wife on a regular basis, so pictures of them helps coworkers put a face with the names. However, scrolling through your iPhone to show me pictures of your family reunion this past weekend is unnecessary. I don’t know them so I don’t care.
  5. Birthdays
    Why do bosses deem it necessary to have mandatory birthday cake celebrations where everyone must attend? If you want to do something nice for your team, let them leave 15 minutes early instead of spending that 15 minutes forcing them to celebrate someone’s birthday they don’t even know? I can guarantee they will appreciate it much more than that nasty cake.
  6. Unhealthy food
    There’s always the one person in the office that likes to keep those who sit at a desk all day fat. You know, that one person who always brings in a couple dozen donuts and leaves the box open for all to enjoy? That person has no regard for those of us trying to stay healthy, especially since we sit sedentary all day at a desk.
  7. Talkative Guy
    Why does every job have someone who absolutely loves to talk to you when you are clearly busy. This guy acts as if he has nothing to do other than to stand at your cubicle entrance to discuss the movie he saw last night, or the latest news on someone in the office. You continue to type as he’s talking and he continues to talk as you type. My cure for talkative guy is headphones. People don’t bother those who cannot hear them.
  8. Loud Customer Service
    In the land of cubicles, it’s hard to keep a conversation to yourself. Enter – loud customer service person. This person constantly talks louder than everyone else when they are on the phone with a customer. It can be extremely disruptive to those who are both not on the phone and those who are. Keep your voice down to a minimal volume loud talker. That’s the beauty of a headset microphone – it picks up your voice even at a whisper!
  9. Smelly Lunch at Desk
    Not everyone likes the smell of your leftovers from last night. Not everyone can just leave when they are hungry.  Some of us may have failed to eat breakfast and therefore, the smell of your curried chicken is more annoying than a pleasant aroma throughout the office.  Be sensitive to those around you. Most offices have a break room. Use it.
  10. Germaphobes
    I’m all for the whole keep your desk clean thing, but some people go overboard to the point that it’s offensive. Those who wipe their desk down after you touched it. Those who give us allergy attacks because they feel the need to spray an entir­­­e can of Lysol all over the entire office.  These people need their own office with a door so they can keep their fumes to themselves
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  • Neil

    Lololol, Keep doin’ your thang, my dude……..although I must admit, I was guilty of #2. I shared TMI. NEVER AGAIN. Before I discovered your website, I was unaware that I had a potential ‘Office Wife’ (though it was strictly platonic on my end). I dodged that bullet……….#1. I’m married,….#2 she has serially dated married men (I now know this); but swore to me, that she would never date one)……funny…..she always relished seeing other people’s dirt; while managing to hide hers…….now ain’t THAT a #@%*$!

    • Nia Syrah

      “Lololol, Keep doin’ your thang, my dude…”

      i forgot #11… dude who thinks anything of value must have fell from some balls…..

      lol… no seriously though… thanks for reading neil. i’m glad you enjoyed 😀

  • Neil

    My bad Nia,…I forgot that Greg didn’t write this……..