Mar 13

One note before I get into this wonderful list of 10 things that people enjoy who live by themselves. If you have a significant other, a sibling or a roommate who allows you to do most of these things and is understanding and tolerant enough to make your life together easy then you are a very lucky person. Most roommates are selfish, demanding, messy slobs who make our life a little more annoying than it needs to be so naturally many of us like to do it alone. The following list is a set of reasons why loneliness isn’t necessarily negative.

1. The Sound of Silence

Call me scarred from living in the dorms of a college, or maybe it’s my nature but I love the hell out of silence. When you live with others you are always arguing, talking or overhearing phone conversation. Being able to stop, listen and hear nothing is a rare privilege that only comes from living by yourself.

2. Cleanliness **

If you are a neat freak or a slob, your lifestyle can become seriously cramped and suffer from the judgment of a roommate. Living alone means that when you eat food and finish with the dishes you can leave them in the sink for as long as you want or clean up and keep the place pristine without worrying about someone disrupting the energy by adding dirty dishes all over the place.

3. Peeing or Pooing With The Doors Open

I absolutely love the hell out of this. When you live by yourself and you need to drain the main vein, you can just run to the bathroom, kick up the secondary lid (if it’s down) and let the stream flow without the need of “hiding” yourself from the person you live with.

4. Nudist Colony for One?

This is one you hear often but for the people who actually exercise their right to be void of clothing it is a thing of peaceful beauty. When you take a shower you can dry off, stroll into the kitchen, make a snack and throw on some easy boxers before plopping down on the couch for some television. I can imagine that having a roommate would bring about incidents like this:

5. No Surprises

Toilet paper runs out and you know why (because you used the last piece), leftovers stay where you placed them, Blu-Ray stays in the player where you last left off. While many reading will think this is silly because surprises are a huge part of life, when you have your own space it can be a great escape from the random, dynamic things in life.

6. No Need For Earbuds

When you have someone living with you, your constant need to turn on your stereo and play all sorts of gangster music will be a problem. Living by yourself gives you the freedom to play your music without worry of offending or annoying someone else.

7. Absolutely No Judgment Ever

This above all else is the thing I enjoy the most about living alone. People always seem to have something to say about what we do, who we see, who we sleep with and what we’re wearing. Living by yourself gives you some peace away from judgmental assholes where you can eat cake for breakfast, drink beer for dinner and masturbate for dessert and nobody will have a damn thing to say about it.

8. No Need For Glasses

I admit that I am a bit of a prude so I use utensils and glasses even though it’s only me but if I feel like swigging milk from the carton I can. If I feel like eating cold chicken from the fridge I don’t have to move it to another container, I can take a bite and put it right back in with the rest. How wonderful is that?

9. Sex and/or Masturbation on Your Own Terms

When you live by yourself you can relieve the beast at any time of the day without the worry of prying eyes or concealing evidence. Getting lucky after a first date? No need to check if the roommate is home or if there are strangers in the living room. It’s YOUR space, so you can bump uglies on the kitchen counter, television stand, balcony, wherever you please and she can be as loud as she wants.

10. Sleeping in on Weekends

People who have had roommates who worked on weekends know the pain of trying to sleep while someone noised around on their morning ritual before work. When you live by yourself you can sleep-in whenever you like as long as the job is okay with it.

On a final note, this isn’t a diss to social butterflies who MUST have people around all the time; it is merely a list of things that make solo dwelling preferable for many of us quiet types.

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