Apr 20

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So you’re best friends with a guy and you have all the things he should want in a woman, yet he never asks you out – choosing instead to go for your friends, or girls he meets elsewhere. What’s the deal? You are constantly in his friend-zone but you aren’t firm on why this is. The following list of 10 are some of the most common reasons why the guy in your life will never ask you out.

1. You’re not beautiful, and/or he doesn’t find you sexy

Sure you’re all that to other males but to the one you choose to be your mate, you’re just “cool”. It’s a hard pill to swallow I know, but there is no woman alive that is truly capable of getting any man she wants. Don’t get it twisted, there’s nothing wrong with you, it’s just not in the cards for you two to be an item – move on.

2. Someone beat you to him

Not every guy is good with playing the field until a queen presents herself. Many men will be a bit loyal (which is so silly) to the one woman they are currently dating and enjoy spending time with (or in… WOOF!). This and the ridiculous fear men have of rejecting women will have him keep you around without coming out and telling you that he’s currently prepping for a future girlfriend that isn’t you.

3. Your intelligence is suspect

I know that television shows the ditzy cutie as adorable but many guys cannot respect a clueless woman to call her girlfriend. Sometimes it’s the result of something you said, was adamant about and was incredibly wrong. Many of us take mental note of these things and it’s hard to live it down later on. While it’s cool to have an opinion and debate with your peers, be sure to research your assertions a bit before throwing them out there as fact. No, Africa isn’t a country, it’s a continent.

4. Weight and body-type is not of his liking

I won’t elaborate as this is a worn subject that everyone is well aware of. If your interest is a health nut and you’re pushing pounds with loose eating habits then count your losses and move on. It still blows my mind how a chick puts it off as a guy being superficial when it’s already obvious that he is into tight bodies.

5. You’re a boring person who needs hobbies

While many men may not tell you this, the fact of the matter is many of us don’t really like being your source of entertainment. There is nothing more draining than a person with no drive, interests or ideas of what to do. They just tend to lean on people who have things going on and tend to be on the emo side of conversations. If a man dates a woman with nothing going on, he tends to find himself being crowded at every corner being that she has nothing better to do. If you want a guy to take interest in you, for the love of everything good – get a life, or pretend really hard to have one.

6. You’re selfish and self-centered

Me, me, me, me, me… sure he is still hanging out with you even though you are a selfish, egotistical, judgmental person – but that doesn’t mean he wants anything to do with you romantically. Sometimes men hang with women for other reasons beyond wanting to sleep with them (likes being seen with a hot girl; he’s using you to make another woman jealous) and it confuses the hell out of women. Know this, if you talk about yourself a lot, it might be a huge turnoff to a guy.

7. Marriage/Baby crazy

Since the guy is your friend chances are you have expressed (a whole lot) that the man who you get with will have to marry you within x years, and you plan to have a whole lot of babies and yadda, yadda, yadda. You showed your cards and maybe he just doesn’t want any of that pre-planned for him. There is an enormous difference to a man when you say “I want children eventually” and “I want children by the time I’m 30”. Nobody likes to have their future written for them.

8. You break way too many balls

Look it’s cool to have a girl friend who can put us down at will because we’re a good sport but sometimes it just gets to be a bit too much. Especially if you’re a nerdy, socially-awkward, ball-breaker who has no idea of when and where is appropriate to emasculate your male friend. It only takes one ill-timed rip to put you on the “never date this chick” list. So calm it down already, and keep that nonsense in private.

9. You’re way too public about your love-life

The man you like knows you well enough to have heard all of your stories about your exes, he’s on your Facebook and knows the type of status updates you make, and he is not keen on becoming the top news story of your life. Some people are private and no matter how your chemistry is with them, they don’t want their business out there especially to your other friends and family.

10. That disgusting habit you have

Smoking, kissing your dog on the mouth, drugs, everybody has their stopping point and for many men it is a deal-breaker for a relationship (not sex mind you) but a relationship. You may be doing something that you greatly enjoy but the man you want to date may find it to be the most repulsive thing in the world.

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