Aug 29

Every man dreams of a ride-or-die chick, she is a hard find in today’s society but some men luck out and find her. The ride-or-die chick is the woman who is there for you regardless of your situation. Life may come at you hard but you can rely on your girl to be there with you through it all, no matter the crime, disease, or atrocity. Many women on our favorite television shows and movies have exemplified the ride-or-die mentality and have gone too long without being heralded for it.

The following list is of 10 Ride-or-Die women from movies and television:

10. Jenny Everdeane - Gangs of New York

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Jenny was a prostitute who met and fell in love with Amsterdam Vallon, son of a fallen gang and a soldier for her lover and father Bill 'The Butcher' Cutting. When the crap hit the fan, Jenny had a choice whether to use her life savings and flee the city for a better life or stay with Amsterdam until the end. Jenny followed her heart and stayed.

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