Aug 04

We all know there is a plethora of things that women may like about men that they cannot do without. Most of the characteristics on this list are according to their personal likes and dislikes, so it’s hard to come up with a list of general things that women would look for in a man. However, when it comes to things that we do not want in a man, there are certain turn offs that most women count as a “minus” to your total package.  Behold the Top Ten list of women’s turn offs.

1. A Jacked Up Grill

There are several men in this world who look much better before they speak. They usually know who they are, too. You know, that man who hardly smiles with his mouth open and when forced into laughter he visibly tries to keep his mouth closed.  He could have a great personality and an awesome body, but bad teeth are enough to turn any woman away from kisses. If your appearance means anything to you, go to the orthodontist.

2. Smelling Like a Savage Man

I don’t think this one needs very much explaining. Just shower and use your deodorant please. And make sure it works!

3. You’re a Moron!

A man who doesn’t use his brain is not cool. We like a man who can solve his own problems and let us be there only for guidance and assistance. It is very off putting when a woman is made to do everything for the man because he’s not smart enough to do it himself. Not to mention the lack of good conversation that comes from a man who cannot add his own intellectual input to a good topic. Get out there and learn something.

4. Being A Scrub With No Ambition 

We call this guy the “scrub”. No desire to do anything for himself. Because his friend drive him around and spot him the money because they love his company, he calls himself a hustler because he feels  he isn’t hindered from doing what he wants to do even when he’s broke and homeless. Nobody is saying you have to have the Dragon philosophy of MOE (money over everything). But at least aspire to get off your mother’s couch and live on your own with a cell phone number that stays the same longer than 3 months. No grown woman likes the feeling of saying, “Hi, Mrs. Carson, can I please speak to Nathan?”

5. Lacking Sexual Stamina

There’s always been and always will be a debate of whether or not size matters. Most people chalk it up to preference, but stamina wins out the entire argument. If you are a man with a large package, but can only use your package for a maximum of 7 minutes, then your package is useless.  Do a few pushups everyday or go for a run at least 3 times a week. Get your stamina up and she won’t be forced to fake it.

6. Your Tongue Game is Wack!

Women are not like men when it comes to being ready. Men can be stimulated physically and be ready to go within 10 seconds flat. But women need time physically and mentally to be in a place where they are ready. There is little worse in the bedroom than that dude who wants to just go all in before the woman is ready for him. The internet has a whole database of learning tools and some even have tutorials. Hell, the Hall even has some articles to help you out. Contrary to a man’s thinking, no sex is better than poor sex. Put forth the effort and she will not turn you away.

7. Breath Like A Dragon

We won’t want to kiss you.  We won’t want to ride in a closed car with you.  And we definitely don’t want you whispering in our ears.  For some of you, brushing your teeth in the morning is not enough. You must floss, and keep your mouth clean. Try rinsing with hydrogen peroxide. I know it sounds crazy, but if you read the label, it actually has oral hygiene listed as a “use”, and it does wonders for a fresh feel.  Like the chewing gum commercial says – nobody likes a dirty mouth.

8. Mr. Clingy, Sticky and Needy

Women love a man to make them feel like they are the most important thing in their and that we mean the world to them. However, don’t make me actually be your world where you have nothing going on outside of our time together. You know who you are. Your boys make fun of you ever time you get a girlfriend. And when you break up with said girl, they make comments about how they haven’t seen you in months. Women don’t like the pressure of having to be your everything and worrying that a night out with the girls will send you into a jealous rage. You should allow us to fly and become the beautiful bird you see us as.

9. You’re Narrow minded

A narrow minded man does nothing but make a woman sit around and wish she had a boyfriend who will (fill in the blank).  An adventurous man is a great man. Nobody said you have to go out and do things you don’t want to do, but at least be open to the thought of trying something new that you don’t already have an opinion of.  Go to a new restaurant with food you have never tried before. Go with her to a dance class to make her happy. Experiencing new things together can only strengthen your relationship.

10. The Bishop  aka Religion guy

With the exception of a woman who is heavily into the religion just the same, women do not want to be made to feel like you look down upon them because they do not have the same beliefs as you. It’s a huge turn off to be talking to a man and he starts to preach about how you can become a better person if you follow his path. No thanks guy.

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