Nov 10

Men and women have disagreements but sometimes we go too far and do unforgivable acts. But what are some of the things that us men tend to have no tolerance with? We do put up with a lot if a woman is pretty, hell if she is way out of our league we put up with murder. Many men however do not have that hang-up, we have principles and we would dump any woman no matter her looks.

The following is a list of 10 things that modern men find to be rational reasons to leave their significant other.

You Were Caught Cheating

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  1. Cheating (sleeping with someone else – man or woman). While some men can deal with cheating, the lies and attempt to cover it up will be considered foul either way.
  2. Emasculating – Chop a man’s balls off verbally in public and pack your sh-t and leave when you get home. Most guys don’t recover from a ball-breaking woman.
  3. Frivolous Spending Habits – Oh we’re starving but you went ahead and ordered HBO so you can watch Hung? Get the hell out!
  4. Religious Beatdown – We weren’t doing the church thing since the time we were dating and now you want to save my soul?
  5. Co-Dependency or Controlling – Get your own life, stop suffocating the hell out of me.
  6. Closet racist or homophobe – It’s annoying when a dude shows his true colors as a bigot but when it’s a woman you love it’s a real kick in the balls.
  7. Bitch Mode – Not many men have the patience to wait for a bitch to get nicer. Usually if you have choices you will choose the door. No more drama.
  8. Dramatic Physical Change – This goes for weight gain, weight loss and plastic surgery. Most men like what they got with and if it’s noticeable there’s a good chance he will walk.
  9. Physical Abuse – Women know that if we lash out it’s instant jail time so some take full advantage and swing at you in anger. Smart men do the same thing smart women do when their partner abuses them… They walk out and never look back.
  10. STD – You burn my tool once shame on me, burn my tool twice… Wait why would I still be with you!?
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