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Ever met a woman who completely put you off your game despite your own personal reservations? Of course you have, and though it may be something unique to your life experience that she has to make you go so weak, it’s still a magic that you can’t describe. Certain types of women have this sort of thing going on and many of us men can agree that it is unsettling.

Women’s magazines have written since forever about men that they can’t resist so we know who they are and many of you are even pretending to be them. We thought it would be a great idea to give our take on the other side. The women who we fantasize about, think about at the risk of our own relationships, and list off as our “ideal” whenever we are asked.

1. The Forever Young Cougar – Great botox, a membership to a gym and years of experience on how to tease and drive men crazy from a distance. The only men who are impervious to a Cougar’s heat are those who refuse to look at women that are older than 21 years of age.

2. Hot Damsel in Distress – No matter how even the scales are for women in a modern man’s eyes, many of us are still guilty of having a soft heart for a damsel in distress. Not to mention men who are so blue pill addicted that they self-identify as white knights, a cute damsel will always find her Sir George to slay the dragon.

3. The Heavenly Beauty – Ever see a woman who is built like a fort and has the face of an angel? Well you will know because you will find yourself staring and getting caught a long time before snapping out of it to become embarrassed. Men may not date and marry women like this (due to the pedestal complex) but you better be sure that we find them irresistible… but from a distance of course.

Competitive girls gaming

4. Women Who Excel At Boy’s Club Activities – Let there be a somewhat cute girl who wins at Street Fighter tournaments and I will find you half a million losers who worship the very ground she walks on. The reality of this is that she has to be cute… but even if she throws a perfect spiral when playing football, if she’s cute, she has male groupies wanting to be her man.

5. The Virgin Who Dresses Like A Stripper – You all know what I’m talking about as this girl is rampant on College campuses all over the US. The dress makes you know that her goods are quite delicious to the eyes and the teacher in all of us want to be the one to show her the secrets of the carnal arts.

6. The Super Nice, Affectionate Co-Worker – The aspect of her being out of your league isn’t factored in when hot co-worker isn’t the stereotypical bitch right? Men flock to women who appear to be strangely “nice” to them despite being good looking and obviously married. Call it a strange game of mental fantasy that office-mates like to play with the token cutie at the front desk.

Hawte Jennifer Anniston demonstrates a tie for the boys...7. The Man Eater – Anything less than an Alpha level, woman-eating wolf is easy prey to a Man Eater who hates men. This woman knows how to touch you in the right places, will put her tongue in your ear while grabbing your junk. She loves sex with men but hates who we are and what we represent so she will blow your mind with magma hot sex and then dump you and keep it moving.

Man Eaters are irresistible because they are easy but at the end of the day the mental trauma may not be worth it…

8. The Country Mouse – Beautiful but naïve to the big bad world and the demons who inhabit it; men love the idea of an untainted woman who only sees the good in people. The thought process probably has something to do with slowly corrupting this meek mouse into being a freak in the bed and the wife of our dreams but like all fantasies it is never that easy.

9. Childhood Friend Turned Adult Hottie – Every guy has a girl that he came up with who was either a neighbor or the daughter of their parent’s friend. When this girl gets older, develops and turns out to be anything higher than a 6, the guy’s attraction will become damn near magnetic for her. I think it’s the fantasy of her being accessible that does this even though there’s a good chance she isn’t feeling you the same way.

10. Happy-Go-Lucky Girl – Ever meet a woman who is so full of life that it’s intoxicating? Nothing seems to get her down, cheer leads for you, smiles for you, and seems to have a genuinely good heart? I bet you fell in love with her instantly… Depending on who you are, a happy woman with a beautiful smile is the beauty that tamed the beast.

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  • Alicia Zych

    You write magnificently. Writers are artists and we need art now more than ever. Thank-you!!

    • Right back at you Alicia, I clicked your name and read what you said about long-distance relationships and I thought it was beautiful. Please keep visiting and feel free to contribute at anytime, you write very well. Thank you.

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