Dec 27

Dating can be fun but many times after what you thought was an awesome first date, you are stuck wondering why your phone calls aren’t being answered or the person’s profile (for you online daters) is no longer viewable. To help you understand what it is that you may have done to lose that perfect date, we have made a list of secondary red flags that people see that aren’t as popular as the typical stuff. You know the standard flags of: bad hygiene, being rude to waiters, texting or using the cellphone, not really listening but waiting to talk, those type of things. Check out the list of innocent red flags and if you’ve been guilty of one in the past, you may want to reconsider doing it on future first dates.

10 things that may impact your first date negatively:

1. Admitting that you are only attracted to her because of her nerdiness – When the hell was being nerdy ever considered a thing of beauty and attractiveness for a woman? Why don’t you tone it down and tell her you love her fashion sense, cute smile and happy laughter? While some women will take it as a compliment, there is an other sect who still sees the nerdiness as a negative, not a positive so leave it alone. She knows she’s a nerd.

2. Giving us ittle tests that become obvious after awhile – When dating becomes the SATs it ceases to be fun, so if you’re going to pry into the state of my bathroom through questioning… try to be more subtle about it’s intent.

3. Talking marriage, kids and the whole 9-yards – Sure being upfront about what you want is great and all but not on a first date, it just makes you look like a “forever alone” loser.

4. Saying you don’t like drama – As a rule, regular people would do well without drama so announcing this puts up a red flag that in reality you ARE drama, therefore it’s the only thing you have to talk about.

5. Interracial dating: Bragging about the different types of girls/guys you’ve dated – Congrats on being a liberated thinker Sean Penn, but can we get back to the now where I’m the uncomfortable person thinking that I am a mere bullet point on your race resume?

6. Woman says: “Women are bitches. I don’t get along with them.” – So this means that either you have a ton of guys flocking around you, calling your phone and texting you jokes… or you are an immense drama queen that other women hate. Not a good look to volunteer this statement to a man on the first date.

7. Angry competitive dude who gets mad when his date beats him in a game – While I don’t agree with the “let her win” strategy of recreational dating, I would be quite apalled at a guy catching a hissy-fit when his date sharks him at their chosen game. suck it up and have fun man, if you get mad at that victory what happens when you find out that her salary doubles yours?

8. Making lighthearted jokes about your date – While your friends and family members are used to your humor, love it and can volley one right back at you, some people take offense. It can even be a person who is good with that sort of humor, it’s just that… THEY DON’T KNOW YOU! So of course you come off as a douche or a chick that’s full of herself. Save that sort of humor for a few dates in, then it’s obvious that it’s intent is for laughs.

9. Announcing that you hate books or dislike reading – if your date is a writer, avid reader or scholar, chances are this admission will make you not only look dumb but highly incompatible with them. It isn’t necessary to say that you don’t read, nobody is going to force you to do an open-book test on anything. It’s okay, you can just smile and say you haven’t read whatever book it is that was asked of you.

10. Making cruel jokes about people around you – Look those type of jokes can be funny but why on a first date? Some people are nervous, self conscious and now afraid that you’ve judged them but chose to spare them in lieu of cracking everyone else. Think about it, one joke is fine but don’t turn it into a D.L. Hughley audience roast.

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