Nov 16

happy couple

The following list is a culmination of odd little trifles that women as a whole tend to love when their men do them. This does not mean that any and all of this list will work on your current woman,  but I guarantee you that at least 3 of them will make you a better boyfriend/husband for doing it in her mind. Don’t try to make too much sense of this list, women always say that it’s the little things that count… and then we get confused. Well gentlemen, here they are… those little things that she talks about.

  1. Touching the hair – Most women love it, some women hate it – you have to gauge which one you’re working with. To be brutally honest this one seems to be very popular with non-black women (not all) so guys, take caution with trying this.
  2. Neck kisses – soft and gently is the way but reserve this for the special lady in your life.
  3. Role Playing – Not necessarily for sex… which is where our male mind goes when we hear the term, but for spontaneity and odd, make-believe adventure. Meet her on a date as a super spy and whisk her away to a hotel for the night, or make up some odd background and be that guy for a night. Not sure why women love this so much but they do… so try it.
  4. After work (foot) massage – but you already know this don’t you?
  5. Touching her face whilst kissing – Don’t sleep on this one fellas it’s a big hit amongst women.
  6. Old school chivalry – Even if you are in love with a feminazi who fights you on it she will come around in time trust me. Little things like holding her door open, offering up our jacket when it’s cold and letting her order first goes a long way.
  7. Handwritten cards or notes – I guess this shows that it took thought versus typing and printing… I know fellas don’t try to rationalize it… just go with it.
  8. Back Rubs – Who doesn’t love a nice back rub? Keep the hands north of the ass dimples though – I see you working.
  9. Forehead, nose, eyelid, ear kisses – It’s that unexpected ninja attack that gets them off guard every time. Want to get a sweet smile of surprise from a girl, peck her on the eyelids.
  10. Cooking for her – This one is a weird one for me, I just don’t understand why women love the hell out of this like they do in this day and age. I assume it has to do with the traditional role reversal, or maybe it’s the act of a man doing something so open to scrutiny for his beloved. Whatever the reason when you cook for a woman she appreciates the hell out of it.
  11. Hand on the small of her back – Women like to be claimed by their lover and this shows her through body language that you claim and care for her as your own. Just be gentle about it and apply it while walking along that dockside.

Just remember that this is not an easy-mode list to make your woman happy, it is a list of things that we hear and see daily that make women in general happy. Some of these may make your lady love you more and some may annoy or offend her for whatever personal reason she has, this is why it is a list. Part of the fun in a relationship is finding out what makes your partner tick, so try some of these and see which ones will make her happy.

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