Dec 27

2013 is quickly approaching and the new year is a time for new beginnings. Its the time of year where most are creating their list of resolutions they know they won’t keep like dreams of weigh loss, more money, or the losing of some bad habit they can’t seem to shake. And somewhere in all of that we need to squeeze in the top 12 things to leave in 2012.

Starting with number…

donald repub trump

12. Donald Trump

If there was one person who I wanted to tie up and gag it was The Donald!! This man loves to rant on and on and on. News flash Donald: Obama will be written in history as the 44th president of the United States. Get over it already!!! Somebody get the rope just in case please.

11. JayZ and the Illuminati

This has been going on for way too long; it’s time to put it to rest and move on already. If I hear about devil worshiping or Illuminati one more time I will scream. If there is a true secret society that rules all of the world affairs do you really think they would let a nigga from Marcy projects in? I mean Jay has money, is a good business man and is articulate but rule the world? Um, Get real. He himself is an ex-drug dealer who still talks about everything he left behind in the hood. I mean he hangs with Kanye of all people … like really people. Really!!! Use your brain and think about it!!! Read a book!! And I mean a historical one… not street lit.

And speaking of Jay lets keep it in the family and talk about…

10. Beyonce and the Blue Ivy mystery

Whether Beyonce pushed the baby out her vajayjay or bought her on eBay who the hell cares?!? She is a cute kid who will never want for anything in life. Can’t say the same about some of your kids though. Stop worrying about the Carters and spend some time with your own kids. Moving on!!


9. YOLO… You only live once

Well duh!!! This term gives people the license to be stupid. One night stand with no condom… YOLO!! ….. YOLO!! Popped a Molly jumped off a balcony and broke your arm …. YOLO!! Dumb asses please stay in 2012 or we will be forced to kill you now.

8. And speaking of Molly…

Sort of like Sizzurp some years back. I really can’t understand why someone would be proud of being something like a crackhead. This is not cute and being a druggie should not be promoted. Can you imagine if there was a rap or rock artist singing about using crack or heroine? I don’t see a difference between them. Leave that in 2012.

7. The battle between naturalistas and those addicted to the creamy crack

Over the last year or so the natural hair movement has really gained some steam. And from that the battle lines have been drawn and the gloves are off. It’s hair people. Just hair!! It’s not that serious. Opinions are like assholes so just maintain your own and there won’t be any issues or complications.

natural hair

6. Black women and relationships advice

It started with Steve Harvey, then Tyrese, now Wendy Williams and everyone in between thinks they are a relationship guru. Hey!!! Clean up your own house before you tell me how to fix up mine. Black women survived just fine before blogs and these dumb ass books. I’m going to need professionals to give the advice from this point forward. You bored celebrities with opinions and bloggers filling up your site STFU!!!! Keep your books, articles, and tweets. Black women, we got this!

5. Gun violence in America…

Wishful thinking huh? Whatever our beliefs on the subject we can all agree America has a major problem with gun violence especially, oddly enough, at schools. Whatever the reason there has to be something done to correct this problem. A solution not to make any side happy but to make it safer for our students and the American people over all.

4. The Chris Brown, Rihanna, Karrueche love triangle

A lot of people have their panties and briefs in a bunch over this very confusing love triangle. I for one can care less. The competition between Rihanna and Karate… Karrueche (or whatever the hell her name is) is nuts. A chart topping bonefide superstar in competition with a regular chick… What part of the game is that? Karate is giving these regular chicks false hope of this happening to them. CB looks like the man because he gets to eat cake and get head too. Lets leave them all in 2012 and maybe the relationship(s) will really be Nobody’s Business..

3. Two words…. World Star!!

The fights, the ho moments, the crackheads caught on tape acting a damn fool, the hot ghetto mess that is It’s seems like in a world of the Internet and social media getting your ass beat or making a very terrible porno is all caught on camera for a World Star moment and then shared or retweeted. I’m over it!!

2. Pictures of food

Ok people!! I know everybody thinks they can be a gourmet chef or they feel the need to let the world know that they are in a “nice” restaurant. But in actuality we really don’t give a shit. Your food looks like slop on a plate or worse. Your cocktail or wine is boring and lame. I don’t care if it was a $1000 bottle or gold flaked lobster. Who cares?!? Leave in 2012!!!!!

1. The number one thing to leave in 2012 is the word Ratchet

Oh Em Gee!!!! If there was ever a word that irked me the most it would be Ratchet. It was everywhere in 2012. From my 11 year old sister (Which by the way thank god I don’t live near her. I would be in jail for beating her with dictionary because everything is “Ratchet” to her) to reality TV and social media. I don’t know where it started or even care but all I know is leave that shit in the past.

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  • Orlando Bones

    You missed a few like Nicky Minaj, Kimye 24/7 watch, broke ass mud ducks calling themselves housewives and fat, racist, pieces of sh.. like Rush Limbaugh. GTFO!!!!

    • Na Taya

      I know!!! I shouldve included Kimye and Nicki. But honestly my list wouldve been 200 items of stupid ish to leave in 2012!!! I am quite tired of Kimye and Nicki and the ENTIRE YMCMB!!!! As far as I am concerned they can all get trapped in R Kelly’s closet. 😉

      Rush who is that? He doesnt exist in my world so that I can stay sane and calm!!

      • Na Taya

        Now that Kimye has produced a spawn I guess we can’t leave their asses in 2012. This kid will be the most talked about kid ever, if Kris Jenner has anything to do with it!! Ugh.

  • Na Taya

    Oh Em Gee.. there is an official video!!