May 24

angry date

After dating many women and going through the phases of eager, to hopeful, to cynical, a man tends to get to a point where he’s heard it all, seen it all, and experienced it all. It is a kind of mental Zen where you are able to see red flags from a mile away, turn down dating offers you know will be disastrous, and pounce on the good opportunities whenever they present themselves.

The following list is from the wolves that have been there 100 times over and are willing to tell you what they look for to avoid and what they know not to do. It is a good list to scan if you are in the dating game because a lot of these are mistakes that you don’t want to make and lose someone special.

As a man, I will not continue dating a woman who…

  1. Just got out of a relationship, is trying hard not to talk about it but does, and is obviously using me to rebound her feelings until she and her ex makes up. (If all you want is sex then go for it)
  2. Responds to a request to date with a list of demands.
  3. Has disrespected, emasculated or demeaned me in the past.
  4. Has timeframes on things related to the relationship (ie: after two months of dating you should know if you want to commit or not, you should be married after three years, etc…)
  5. Was setup by a friend to date me, who I don’t find cute or interesting just to avoid disappointing that friend.
  6. Asks puzzling questions about my faith when it doesn’t match hers.  (ie: Why don’t you go to church at all?)
  7. Announces in any form or fashion that she believes ALL men to be dogs.
  8. Has no hobbies
  9. Speaks like a feminist but dresses like a porn starlet (women like this are always about drama).
  10. Shows up late to every date without remorse. These women tend to be unconsciously selfish.
  11. Smokes
  12. Has a man’s name tattooed on her body who isn’t a family member of hers.
  13. Doesn’t read
  14. Has an unwritten set of “rules” for men that I should already know.
  15. Makes a nasty negative remark towards a hobby of mine – This is a huge one that many women don’t realize places them instantly unto the do-not-call list due to their big mouths. Let us use video games in this example since many older men play them: Sure we get that you think video games are childish so don’t be surprised that the money making, upstanding, slice of macho man that you were lucky to get out on a date has decided that your lack of tact when explaining your opinion on game playing men has decided that you are not worthy of another date. Men dislike many things that women call hobbies (and I know women play video games too) but quite often it is the woman who throws wicked shade at a man for liking what he likes and not many men will take it well when they hear it. Women who spout out negative things on sports, video games, cars, or any number of other hardcore guy hobbies should not feel surprised at losing men after a few dates or so.
  16. Is messy or dirty. One indicator is the interior of a car… it speaks volumes about a person.
  17. Likes to punch me when she disagrees with me. Love taps are one thing but you’re getting over.
  18. Only dates men who look and act like daddy… ya that is just creepy.
  19. Always seem to need a mint check (breath). If operation Lifesaver is in effect, I am out of there!
  20. Has a spoiled child or children… no way around this, no dice!
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  • Great list! I second this. All of those women make it on my ‘avoid at all cost’ list. lol