Apr 13

Drunken women

Ahh the drunk at the party, a common creature at the adult nightclub, the college house party and the office Holiday party. While many people love a happy, funny drunk, there are some people who should stay a million miles away from alcohol due to the monster they become when inebriated. The following is a list of 20 types of drunks that can easily ruin a party; read and see if you can spot one that you remember. 

  1. Drunken People who vomit uncontrollably, missing the toilet, leaving their nasty vomit smell in the bathroom.
  2. Girls that scream “WOOOOO!!!!” bka Woo-Girls… we hates them!
  3. Peer Pressure Guy… “Why aren’t you guys drinking!? Woooooo!!”
  4. Douchebags who scream “YEEEEAHHHHH!!!”
  5. People who pass out drunk in the bathroom with the door locked! WTF!?
  6. The drunken one-upper or the drunken me-tooer. Ruining conversations all night long…
  7. The douchebag that wants to fight.
  8. That touchy-feely stranger who wants to hug you and violate your space.
  9. For the deejays reading: The jackass who keeps bumping the DJ table.
  10. Space Invader – gets an inch away from you to talk to you in drunken spurts. 
  11. The tough-guy who makes it a point to tell you that a cocktail is a girly drink.
  12. Demolition drunkard – a spaz who breaks everything that crosses his path.
  13. Drunken cock-blocker stays in a man’s ear even when it’s obvious he’s talking to a girl.
  14. That 40 yr. old at the 18-24 populated party trying to scoop up young chicks. I see you.
  15. The shot dealer; drunk as hell, slamming shots and mad at anyone who won’t join him.
  16. Guitar Douche… yes he has the guitar at your house party trying to show his skills.
  17. Girl who decides to cry and become super depressing – telling us all about her crappy life.
  18. Drunken political blowhard or drunken racist gone wild.
  19. The drunk attention-whore who takes over the dance floor with his sloppy moves.
  20. Woo-Boys… ohhh ya they exist – check out the video below.

Chances are we all have been one of these obnoxious people at one point in our lives and a man or woman does not know the type of drunk they are until their people tell them. Hell in college I was the crazy dancing jackass on the floor who would fight you if you stepped to me after I accidentally pop-locked a hand into your jaw…

Man one time I got so drunk I did a tornado kick in the middle of the dance floor and roundhouse a guy in the face… thank god for being tall, muscular and lucky. But even I in all my douchebag antics of the past can say that you will never see me being any of these ever again.

There comes a time when you have to let the College grade antics go and get your grown man or grown woman on. If you are an employed, working professional woman, how do you think people see you when your internal “woo girl” comes out? Let’s keep it classy folks – nobody likes an annoying, messy drunk.

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