Feb 25

You know that you are a bad woman when your husband has a ton of wives and over 100 children but proclaims you the most beautiful and builds the greatest tomb in the Valley of Queens to your honor. Queen Nefertari was wife to the mighty warrior Pharaoh Ramses II. If you look at the statues built during the reign of Ramses, you will understand that this woman was of high importance… even being compared to the goddess Hathor. Her tomb is said to be one of the most extraordinary and lies within the Valley of the Queens. Nefertari had about ten children, the known ones are two boys named Amonhirwonmef and Prehirwonmef, two girls named Merytamon, and Mertatum. Known by titles such as Mistress of the South and the North,  and Lady of the Two Lands, it is rumored that this beauty even accompanied… [Read more]

Feb 17

You younglings out there may not know her at all but during the 80’s when Kung Fu was still popular and there was no such thing as “Mixed Martial Arts” there was an explosion of talent on the big screen by many Martial Arts stars. Most of these ass kickers were male but one name that sticks out… at least to this guy is a female ball of fire, known as Cynthia Rothrock. Watching the video below tells me her influence was probably felt in the development of  “Sonja Blade” from Mortal Kombat fame… though I think Cynthia would “walk the dog” with Sonja in a kumite. Actually many of our older fighting games have a little “Cynthia” in them when it comes to female fighting. Ya you too Nina Williams from Tekken… though she has the La Femme Nikita thing going on too… but i’m losing my train… [Read more]

Feb 12

So seriously who out there thinks this is cool? I mean thought, planning and execution was placed into this thing in order to generate profit. Profit mind you that a team obviously expected to obtain from Japanese gamers and I am guessing off-shore gamers as well. Without getting into cultural differences in respects to women, lets just consider rape. You know rape, the act of having someone violate and drive themself into an orifice without consent. If you cannot relate as a guy, just remember that dudes get raped too. I have never been raped but I don’t plan to nor do I want to… so you can imagine I don’t find it sexy in the least. I used to watch comical hentai that I felt was harmless since the sex was either used as a weapon or the rapists were basically plants, demons or animals. I would pop… [Read more]