May 28

Disclaimer: if you are not looking for the smart, sophisticated, independent, mature, all around good woman, then do not read any further.  This article is not for you.  However, if you are looking to get that “in” to a sophisticated lady’s heart, one way to do it is through her wine glass.  She is guaranteed to be impressed if you commit the following to memory and have it ready to spew back at her when she least expects it: Know your grapes: Grapes are identified by their varietals, or type of grape used to make the wine.  Basic white wine grapes are chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, riesling, pinot grigio. Usually white wines include the additional flavor of a tree fruit, such as apple, pear, melon, or a citrus flavor like lemon, lime or grapefruit.  Exotic and eccentric white wines will include the taste of tropical fruits,… [Read more]

May 21

Women start relationships with a “representative”, it is a fact so remember it. The representative is a woman who assumes the role of your perfect chick, she likes what you like, she is open-minded and she is tolerant. Once the woman is comfortable with you (basically after you have had sex), the representative floats away and you get a die-toss in favor of who you really just spent the night with. Your open-minded, free spirit could turn into a closed-minded, manipulative airhead in less than a month. Women are like a box of chocolates (even the sexy ones with cute bangs or soft afro-puffs), you never know what you’re gonna get. First impressions are a motherf—, I mean seriously. I went through a relationship with a woman who was the stereotypical archetype of the immature, modern woman (the negative version). A buddy of mine was… [Read more]

May 07

This legendary Chinese beauty Xi Shi is said to have been so beautiful that even when she made up her face she would still be cute. Described as being lovely with or without make-up and that her looks were only multiplied by the fact that she was a sweet, innocent soul, she is one of the famous “four beauties” in Chinese history. Xi-Shi was also a dancer who was sent as a “beauty trap” to take over a king’s country through the strategy of King Yue. From “The king of the Wu State was totally enchanted by Xishi at the first sight. When the king knew that Xishi was good at dancing, he ordered his people to build a long aisle, dig a big hole under the aisle and cover it with boards. Her skirts embroidered with bells, Xishi danced to the accompaniment of… [Read more]