Jun 29

In the Gym today I ran into my good friend Brian and exchanged the usually pleasantries that we normally did “how are you, how is your family” etc. etc. and I was shocked when he answered negatively to the family portion by saying that he no longer talks to half of them. This was quite disheartening since I know his family… but before he could tell me the reason I knew what it was already. Brian is an entrepreneur who always did odd jobs whilst balancing his business in order to keep the money flowing north. He was suffering from an ailment that many people go through but keep quiet about. Talk to any guy with money and he has a story about a friend, loved one or family member who has started dissing him over money. When we are raised with the monicker “money… [Read more]

Jun 25

Twisted Bamboo Bar and Bistro 3687 Tampa Road • Oldsmar, FL www.jacafe.net This restaurant has an atmosphere that makes you love the place before you even sit down.  The music has a mellow contemporary jazz feel and the staff is very friendly.  The seating is set up as to separate the intimate diners from the  loud fun of the bar patrons and each booth is equipped with backs so high that even a 6’5″ man cannot intrude on your conversation by just looking over the top.  There are pillows for your comfort and the tables are candle lit which makes this a great date night spot.   The covered outdoor seating is a nice compliment for those who enjoy the fresh air. The menu is mostly Asian inspired with a twist of Hawaiian flavors in addition to a selection of regional favorites like Beef Stroganoff, Pad… [Read more]

Jun 18

The Funky Monkey Wine Company 912 North Mills Avenue in Downtown Orlando, FL http://www.funkymonkeywine.com I provide the exact address because if you are not paying attention, you will definitely pass this place, as it’s a hidden gem nestled on a block in between a gas station and a Vietnamese noodle house.  However, as soon as you walk inside, it’s like you are in another world, away from the broken sidewalk you walked in on.  Complete with velvet couches and pillows, high dining tables for two, and regular tables for parties of 3 or more, this quaint little Asian wine bar is the perfect place for the intimacy of a first date or a fun celebration with friends.   The dim lighted atmosphere mixed with XM radio on the “chill” station makes for the perfect relaxing evening. The menu consists of affordable upscale dining and is owned… [Read more]

Jun 16

As a member of the “I don’t think she’s that hot” club I am one of the first people to shake my head in bewilderment at the lusting over Megan Fox. But at the same time taste is taste, if she is a dime to you then more power to you… and her. What annoys me however is the stupid media’s obsession with fabricating celebrity beefs in order to get a hot story. With the anouncement of a Tomb Raider prequel, with Angie not in the plans (I am leaning on the script sucking balls), these jackasses have been calling Megan the new Angelina Jolie… as if the former has somehow become irrelevant. It amazes me how they have repeatedly tried to destroy Jolie with the rumors, jealous hate blogs and overexposure to the public. The overexposure has done much damage to her awesome career,… [Read more]

Jun 15

I really hate doing two Egyptians so close together but who am I to deny a woman whose very name stood for beauty? While the ignorant tout Cleopatra VII because of her fame, the rest can only theorize that a woman was lovely by accounts of her day. Well, when you have an actual bust and sculpture to go off of, you cannot say that the woman in question was not beautiful. Of course I speak of the one and only Queen Nefertiti. Her name means “the beautiful one is come” and she was famed throughout her time for her outstanding beauty. Nefertiti was the queen of Pharaoh Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten), and mother of the most famous boy Pharaoh Tutankhamun (King Tut). Little is known of the life and death of queen Nefertiti but her limestone bust is one of the most impressive artifacts found… [Read more]

Jun 04

Actor David Carradine was found dead today hanging naked in his closet at a Bangkok hotel room. Officer Teerapop Luanseng (the investigating officer) said Carradine was staying at the luxury Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel. The cause of death is currently under investigation being that the actor was currently fiming a new movie called Stretch. Carradine was anounced absent when he missed a dinner with the film crew on wednesday, June 3rd. His body was discovered by a hotel maid and the police was alerted. Read more on this at CNN.com. Probably known best for his role as “Kwai Chang Caine” in the Kung Fu series and “Bill” in Quentin Tarrantino’s Kill Bill. Carradine was born in Hollywood California to Ardanelle Abigail and actor John Carradine. His works as an actor were also supplemented by production work in his training videos for Tai Chi and… [Read more]