Jun 29

In the Gym today I ran into my good friend Brian and exchanged the usually pleasantries that we normally did “how are you, how is your family” etc. etc. and I was shocked when he answered negatively to the family portion by saying that he no longer talks to half of them. This was quite disheartening since I know his family… but before he could tell me the reason I knew what it was already. Brian is an entrepreneur who always did odd jobs whilst balancing his business in order to keep the money flowing north. He was suffering from an ailment that many people go through but keep quiet about. Talk to any guy with money and he has a story about a friend, loved one or family member who has started dissing him over money. When we are raised with the monicker “money… [Read more]

Jun 15

I really hate doing two Egyptians so close together but who am I to deny a woman whose very name stood for beauty? While the ignorant tout Cleopatra VII because of her fame, the rest can only theorize that a woman was lovely by accounts of her day. Well, when you have an actual bust and sculpture to go off of, you cannot say that the woman in question was not beautiful. Of course I speak of the one and only Queen Nefertiti. Her name means “the beautiful one is come” and she was famed throughout her time for her outstanding beauty. Nefertiti was the queen of Pharaoh Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten), and mother of the most famous boy Pharaoh Tutankhamun (King Tut). Little is known of the life and death of queen Nefertiti but her limestone bust is one of the most impressive artifacts found… [Read more]