Jul 27

Damn Amy what the hell!? There are a variety of albums and videos I love to play whilst working on the old pc. These aren’t limited to the Jazz and Rap genres that you dragonites may expect, I have a love for the Indy movement and at times some original R&B. One album that I have worn out to absolutely nothing is Frank by Amy Winehouse. After listening to it today (about my 200th time), I did a quick Google image search on the lady and oh my god I would do better to search for zombie anal sex. The pictures are brutal and being a web master I tend to keep safe search in the off position so I got a full frontal from all of it. The worst being the shots of her legs, teeth and cocaine filled nostrils. I can’t think of… [Read more]

Jul 07

“I fight guys in the gym, so I know what it’s like to get hit hard. I don’t back down” – Gina Carano Muay Thai boxer turned MMA fighter Gina Carano is a double threat looker from Dallas County, Texas. With a record of 12 victories, 1 loss and 1 tie in Muay Thai, Carano moved on to doing Mixed Martial Arts and now reigns as the undefeated queen of fighting. If you haven’t heard of her, chances are you have either seen her in MAXIM or watched her kick another woman’s ass in EliteXC. Gina is a double threat because she has the swagger and power of a world-class fighter and the looks of a cover-girl. Having always been in athletics, Gina played basketball, volleyball and softball in high school. One thing I admire about Gina (as one of her fanbois obviously) is her… [Read more]

Jul 06

Let me preface this article by saying that I may sound as if I am about to use the tired old “strippers are sluts and gold diggers” argument but I’m not. Read the article. Okay here is the thing. I remember when I turned 18 and I went to my first Strip Club. My buddy at the time warned me to play hard-to-get and stretch my money out because he wanted to be there for a bit… since he was dating one of them. Upon hitting the doors to the place, I am propositioned by a full nude woman and bam my measly $60 was done within 15 minutes. After that initial experience I fell in love with the Strip Club, I would go every other month for my lap dance, bed dance whatever the particular club offered but I never went alone, and I… [Read more]