Oct 29

I’ve been meaning to write this article for some time but held off on it due to my not wanting to step on toes etc. I have a married friend who has not spent any time in prison, has a beautiful family and has no street gang or organized crime affiliation. Yet without hesitation I can say he is the most “gangster” individual I know. How is this? Well the term originated with organized crime, it was something that outsiders would call the wiseguys and the clubs of fellas that were doing their gang thing on the streets back in the day. As time passed and Hollywood became involved, the dangerous wiseguy of the slums became idealized into a street knight who chooses illicit ventures to profit while sticking to a harsh code of discipline. When musicians started claiming to be gangsters, they would reference… [Read more]

Oct 28

I was having lunch with a girlfriend and out of nowhere, this young cat comes up to our table while on what appeared to be his break from the kitchen, and says “I’m sorry, I just had to come over here and tell you both that I want to buy your food”.  We both looked at him like “okay..” but then he reaches in his pocket and was like “I think I have my food stamps in here somewhere”. He pauses, then smiles and says, “naw, I’m just kidding”.  She looked at him and chuckled a bit.  I gave him the evil eye and went back to my conversation. I’ve been told in the past that I’m a bitch to men, or that I’m too bourgeois, or that I demand too much.  However, I feel that all the above is necessary in order to weed… [Read more]

Oct 27

As you know, I am a big backer for online dating. In this cyber age of 9 to 5 jobs, side hustles and responsibilities, it gets tough for a single guy to break routine and go fishing for booty. And who do you have pushing you to date? Your married friends (who probably got hitched young thus having zero experience in the dating field), your hen pecking mom and probably a nosy co-worker or two. Maybe you just got lonely, you start realizing that you are constantly the 5th wheel when you hangout with friends and it begins to bother you. So you try the traditional means, you hit up a loud, nasty club/bar where some drunk, loser chick either ends up wasting your time or giving you her number – or the ass if she likes  you enough (don’t you love how I say… [Read more]

Oct 23

Well as you know diet is the supreme factor of bodybuilding and it is the difference between looking okay and looking in-shape.  If a person works out alot and eats what they want, they will get some size and look pretty good but If  a person diets right (ie: sticking to a plan), and workouts alot, they will turn heads. People who workout alot and are lax on the diet usually wonder how to look like the hard-body running through the mall wearing something nasty to show-off.  Well the difference is that guy, as gay as he looks is probably dieting his ass off. Abs are probably the most complex part of the formula, one cannot simply “get skinny” and have a rack of abs.  Doing sit-ups alone won’t get you abs.  Dieting alone won’t get you abs.  Doing cardio alone won’t get you abs…. [Read more]

Oct 22

It still baffles my mind to this day as to why Star Wars Galaxies and Everquest (though not so much) are the only MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) to cater successfully to different types of gamers. There is a continuous stream of newer, prettier MMO games being released yearly, yet they all offer the same crap in a different shell. They are one-dimensional, RPGs (minus the RP) that are meant as time-sinks to attract the loyal wave of MMO gamers who will swoop in, max out their levels and fly away to play something else. It’s a vicious cycle of the same thing in and out. The typical MMORPG assumes that every player is interested in being a hero. This is incorrect on many fronts, not everyone wants to be King Arthur, Conan the Barbarian or Legolas. Some players are quite fine being a… [Read more]

Oct 03

At a very young age our parents have always taught us that being nice to people was a great quality to have.  Think about all the times when you were young and you didn’t want to share your toys with the other kids, and your parents told you to “be nice”.  Also remember the saying of “treat people how you want to be treated”? Those were all concepts and theories that was taught to us when we were growing up.  Unfortunately when it comes to relationships there are times when you can be too nice, too selfless, and too considerate.  When those types of features are present it can put your current relationship or your chances of getting that person you are pursuing in jeopardy.  Here are a few examples to help you see if you fall into that category of the person that’s “too… [Read more]