Nov 23

Imagine a woman so beautiful that men fought and killed each other in order to win her hand. A woman whose sexuality and beauty was so much that more than one man committed suicide at the end of his affair with her. No this isn’t the famed Helen of Troy of which I speak, but a queen among courtesans, the lovely La Belle Carolina Otero. During the early 1900’s the courtesans of France were heavily sought by men around the world. They came at an extremely high price, decorated themselves in expensive jewelry and had a grace in their gait that drove men mad. La Belle Otero was one of these women, her hair raven black, figure like a wine glass and complexion intoxicating. Born in Spain to a poverty-stricken home, the poor girl was raped into sterility at the tender age of 10 (Author’s… [Read more]

Nov 15

We have all been in that relationship that lasts long enough to create a comfortable situation in which the real you emerges.  You know, the kind where you are not afraid to burp, pass gas, be seen taking the Fabreeze with you to the bathroom, etc. As a young woman I took to heart the dating 101 rule of never eat spaghetti with a man who is not an official boyfriend, as slurping the noodles and slinging sauce across the table on his shirt is not a good look.  Now that I’m grown, I realize life is life and everybody goes through it.  No need to hide the real you, however, there is a line that must be drawn between what the real you is and what is just downright not cool.  The following are things a man should never do no matter how long… [Read more]

Nov 11

So it’s that time of the year when gyms are empty, people are concentrating on shopping and bank accounts are getting drained. Ironically as we all watch the NFL and College Football athletes perform at the highest level, physiques echoing the training and sacrifice made to their bodies for the glory of the sport, we somehow manage to ignore our own. There is little to no chatter made about the gut getting fatter and the muscles atrophying as we consume beer, burgers, hot dogs and chips, while screaming at the television as Eli Manning gets another pick. No, we forget the months of arduous gym training and cardio repetitions as they get dashed to the side in lieu of “Game Day”. Guys within “the know” understand this activity; it’s the final steps of the yearly dance. You know the dance don’t you? Well let me break the… [Read more]

Nov 10

Where my rag wearing soldiers that Love to watch the dough stack Never leave the house without their strap (That’s what I’m looking for) They know just what a woman need Keep a big bank roll and a bag of weed When it’s time to go down they ain’t scared to freak, (That’s what I’m looking for) Where my Rolley wearing thugs who Claim they don’t love you But any time you want something done, they do it (That’s what I’m looking for) The ball all night type Frontin’, screaming, thug life That’s the type of nigga I like (That’s what I’m looking for) –    Da Brat “That’s What I’m Looking For” So I had a conversation with a close friend of mine that is going through a break up and she questioned her odds at finding another man now that she has children.  She… [Read more]

Nov 09

Have you ever opened a door for someone, or held it open out of courtesy only to be scoffed at or unappreciated for doing so? Chances are after a few times of experiencing this within a given area, you will stop doing it and conform to the ways of the people around you. If you are the type who doesn’t look for a “thank you” or a smile in return for your graciousness then more power to you, you are a rarity. For most people however, a show of courtesy deserves a show of gratitude in return. Think about it, when someone opens a door for you or helps you up into a train etc., a simple smile and nod or a “thank you” does not take much at all. When you do not return this to the helper, you are instantly seen as a… [Read more]