Dec 18

I seem to come across articles daily bemoaning the plight of the single black female, no not women of color but black women specifically. I will say this to you black women, you aren’t the only ones that are sick and tired of reading these statistics and blog fodder so don’t feel like it’s the world against you. One of the reason these articles are so hot for journalists is because it inspires immediate emotion and bitterness from the accused. Hell go to any blog about the subject and hear the echoes of how sh-tty us black men are and how you all need to start looking elsewhere. Well the dragon is here to help you move on and break the stereotype. Unlike other blogs who wish to highlight the problem and air out your dirty laundry, we offer you suggestions and solutions, from the… [Read more]

Dec 14

There are times when we men will take a woman out, swear we did well then wonder why the chick won’t return calls or texts. It’s time like this when you should apply the 3-strike rule and move on if she turns out to be a flake. The worst thing that you can do is to continuously chase a woman who has no interest in you. The second worst thing that you can do is to be on call for a woman who flakes out on you, then keeps you in her rolodex in case her current distraction does not work out. As always I stress self-respect over everything else. No matter how magical you think a woman’s nether regions are, your self-respect is not worth sacrificing for it. So you took her out and after 2-3 attempts she is either too busy or not… [Read more]

Dec 10

If we’re going to talk badasses, I think it only appropriate to start with the man who comes to mind when I think of the congressional Medal of Honor. Audie Leon Murphy amassed a total of 33 medals in his day along with the congressional Medal of Honor for “conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty”. Audie earned just about every medal there was to earn for being godly on the battlefield and then went on to star as himself in war movies before suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and clinical depression. Like many men of his time, Audie’s life was eventually taken by the one thing he couldn’t fight, a piece of crap private plane transporting him on a business trip. What makes Audie a badass? Well given the technology and advances in… [Read more]

Dec 08

This review is late in coming but I cannot stop listening to Ghostdini Wizard of Poetry. Something about the samples and guest artists mixed in with Ghostface’s tales of hitting on pretty pregnant women makes this thing work. My favorite track of the 14 or so hits is a song called Paragraphs of Love featuring Vaughn Anthony (John Legend’s brother) and Estelle (of American Boy fame). In this particular song, Ghost runs into a pregnant woman and it is love at first sight, strange right? that’s what you think until you hear him pour his heart out to her as Vaughn and Estelle coo in the background. The album is pure magic and I find the title very appropriate based on this, Ghostdini the wiz knows how to pick his R&B and his formula for mixing hip hop into it is pure mastery. The standard… [Read more]