Jan 29
Lady Dragon Jamie Pressly cleans her balls with axe

So Axe has always been great at playing up to the inner perv in us all with their commercials involving chicks ripping off clothes, giving it up in libraries and licking chocolate men on trains (I can sooooo get down with this) – but this time around, I think they have outdone themselves. Presenting the Axe Ball Cleaner with actress Jaime Pressly (a certified lady Dragon) as tennis champ Monica Blake – cleaning balls and demonstrating the product quite effectively. The funniest part of the ad has to be when hostess Denese Saintclaire begins playing with a pair of golfballs… you just have to see it. Good job Axe, I even remember the product you are really selling AFTER seeing the ad, so it works! Hell I’ll probably pick it up next time I’m out shopping., just in case it comes with a Jaime Pressly… [Read more]

Jan 28
Charley Hustle aka Greg The Dragon

You know, it is very common for men of my generation to view their fathers as strangers. I mean being a bastard is a common thing for us 70’s babies, isn’t that crazy? Growing up with an attractive single mother has landed me in many fights with disrespectful peers, and has shown me the difference between a man and a bitch-made dude. Momma had a few of the latter and my brother and I watched and learned throughout the years how to look into a man’s soul and see his worth. I don’t take sides in the custodial battle of Venus vs Mars but coming from where I did, I can’t sympathize with you if your lady is hitting you up for half your check every month due to you not wanting to deal with a kid. And I know there’s the other side where… [Read more]

Jan 26

Is beauty a curse and do men and women react with bias to beautiful women? In my experience as a man, I have seen this to be true but women aren’t allowed to complain about it. Some men will tell you to stay away from a beautiful woman because of the drama that comes with being her lover. In our minds a woman cannot be a total package. She cannot be nice, well-mannered and supportive as a beauty. She cannot be drop-dead gorgeous and not be a psycho or a total bitch.

Jan 25

For those of you who grew up on a healthy dose of pron like myself, you will no doubt find the PG Porn series of videos hilarious. This one reminds me of the group Bang Bros and their collective videos of “Gonzo” reality television porn including Bang Bus which this video directly parodies. The premise of those old videos was to have a few guys drive around neighborhoods and give random hawtes rides with each guy taking a turn per episode. If you haven’t seen a Bang Bus episode then you probably won’t be laughing at this as hard as I am, still it is pretty damn funny on its own merit. My favorite part is the old lady and the look of shock she has through the entire ordeal, not to mention the end which Pedo Bear himself would be proud of – ya… [Read more]

Jan 22

Do you find yourself discriminating against another driver based on the vehicle that he/she is driving? well I realized that I do and this is due to the habits of more than a few individuals who drive a particular make and model of car. Now I know that dicks come in all shapes and sizes, and that a dick in a Beamer is just as much a dick as he was when he was driving a Corolla but when you come across five Beamers and they all drive like assholes, you are going to anticipate the next one and act according.  Now I am a road bully, I drive aggressively and I lack patience for people who drive slowly, those who seem to be lost and the idiots who pull out from driveways blindly. Oft times being a Sci-Fi head, I wish I had some… [Read more]

Jan 21

There seems to be this misconception that the quieter, more introverted section of our society is somehow the nicest. While some people may seem polite at face value, or intelligent and innocent, there are many who are the deepest sexists, racists and homophobes when they have the luxury of anonymity and a “safe” setting. Of course I am referring to the sub-culture of people who we call nerds. Now many of you have not known a good amount of “nerds” in your lifetime–and when I say “a good amount” I am speaking of 10+ different people with different personalities—so let me elaborate on who I am referring to with that nasty four letter word. Nerds come in a large variety beyond what you’ve seen on shows like The Big Bang Theory; you have your Sci-Fi nerds, your sports geeks, your video game nerds, anime otakus… [Read more]

Jan 20

There are certain guys that get tried on a daily basis and there are other guys who never get tried for whatever reason. It’s not always about looks because some of the biggest guys still get tried and get their asses beat and some of the smallest guys are avoided by literally everyone. Why is this? Us martial artists like to think of it as an aura that surrounds an individual, lets think of it as colors like a green aura means “try me” and a red aura means “step the hell back”. Many of us would love to have a red aura but we have somewhat of a greenish-yellow tint as in we aren’t tried much but there are times when we get checked. Personally my aura is orange-red, it is near red but sometimes people will get close to trying. I didn’t develop… [Read more]

Jan 19

I cannot understand the lust for clubbing and the club life – that is, well I cannot understand the wont for this as a 30-something or worse yet a 40-something. I clubbed A LOT in my twenties, and I sometimes wonder if the possibility of being burnt out can explain my attitude but I can recall one day at 25 years old, I was in a club with friends, walking around drinking, hollering at random uninterested chicks and having an enlightenment of sorts. A kind of out-of-body experience where I looked around, put the mixed drink on the bar and uttered “what the hell am I doing here? This is lame”. Have you felt this way in the Club before? Or maybe it was somewhere else, like church, your girlfriend’s house or at a family member’s place who annoys the hell out of you. Normally… [Read more]