Feb 25

There was a time when men going to the spa was considered a gay activity, so I can understand where the man’s man would want to argue the validity of him laying in a chair with someone rubbing his feet. However, lately, there has been an influx of men who go to the spa to the point that they now make up about a third of the spa population. The places to go are no longer catered to women where the man feels out of place, but they have gender neutral atmospheres and special treatments just for him. MANicures As a woman with soft skin, being touched by a man with callused hands definitely does not feel as good as it should.  I love a hard worker just as much as the next woman, but hard workers can take care of their hands just like… [Read more]

Feb 23

“The things we forgot about being different in the Public School system.” My friend’s young daughter has had issues with school, she is smart as a whip and extremely polite so as you can expect academics aren’t the issue. Although she is 22 years younger than myself I can understand what she’s going through. Blame this on me being an enormous 6 foot child mentally or the fact that my childhood memories are still pretty keen. Either way, the aspect of “fitting in” is starting to really grate on her young nerves as she battles the name-calling, the unsupportive people who look like her (more on this later) and the adults who lack the imagination to see things from her side. It’s a struggle that I remember well, and I hope for her sake that she is as strong a child as I was. If… [Read more]

Feb 19

I fear for the future, I really do and for frequent readers of my blog, this will seem like a dead horse that has been kicked, molested and kicked again but I have legitimate concern and so I write. It seems that the strong surge in feminism has caused men to tuck their tails and run for the hills in this new age. Common sense would decree that a woman can be treated fairly, be allowed the same freedoms as men and fight for respect and understanding without it imposing on a man being a man. Yet somehow it has become evident that as women succeed in these endeavors, outperforming, outmaneuvering and outdoing former women in terms of salary, success and equality, the men have resolved to dispose of characteristics, roles and behavior that at one time classified them as men. To put it bluntly,… [Read more]

Feb 18

Kids can be great bonuses to meeting someone new and they can also be nightmares just as easily. When a man gets older he realizes that the chance of meeting a childless woman thins dramatically and the question of “how” may come to his mind in dealing with a child that isn’t his. The single parent dilemma is felt the hardest by the children, and as a product of such a household I am lucky enough to have this insight in my dating life. Many guys just don’t know how to deal with a child that isn’t theirs and it becomes immediately evident to the child, even when the mom is disillusioned into thinking that the guy is perfect. Advice to The Single Mothers Ask your Teen: If you have a teenager it is very important that you get their approval after an introduction or… [Read more]

Feb 09

Valentine’s Day is coming boys, and you must be prepared if you do not want to be the butt of your girlfriend’s jokes when she is talking to her friends. Even if she loves you forever, and always appreciates you and your efforts, unfortunately it is the time of the year to take the time to prove how much you love her back.  In the process, you must keep in mind to impress her friends as well, as it is inevitable that their reactions will matter to your girl.  Here are a few tips to make sure you stay in the “perfect boyfriend” category. 1. Money Isn’t Everything. I’ve told you once before and I think it’s time to reiterate.  Women are the most impressed when it is apparent that you have been thinking of them.  For instance, boyfriend 1 has no idea what to… [Read more]

Feb 04

As I peruse many blogs daily on the internet there seems to be a very popular theme with marriage and why men won’t commit. The argument is largely one-sided as it is mostly women chiming in on it and hardly men. If you were to go on these blogs and take the testimonies and the feedback from their female commenters, you would think that most men are immature, clueless, or just plain stupid. The reason for this is there doesn’t seem to be much self-reflection from these women when it comes to why their 5+ year relationship hasn’t resulted in a proposal from the guy. While an extremely complex situation, what a lot of women don’t understand is that many times there are underlying issues why you as a great girlfriend is not guaranteed to be a potential wife. 1. You’re already a wife without… [Read more]

Feb 03
Josephine Baker - The Black Pearl

Probably the first Western, black mega-star, Josephine Baker was literally larger than life. Few if any women could move like her when it came to dancing and her perseverance trail-blazed a path that many women of color could follow in years after her death. Due to the United State being a racist environment of stagnancy for a future actress/singer, Josephine Baker fled to France in order to let her star shine. During the days of immense hardship for women like Josephine, France was a source of refuge for celebrities of color. Given the nickname of “Bronze Venus” by admirers worldwide, Josephine’s voice and dancing made her beloved to her French countrymen and eventually she revisited the United States as a star. Later on in life as an older woman, Josephine Baker was a fighter for Civil Rights, turning down the honor of leading the movement… [Read more]

Feb 02
Sergeant Henry Lincoln Johnson of World War I

It is one thing to show super-human aptitude for a country that loves you, but to do so for a country that deems you to be sub-human – to the point that they withhold honors earned in the line of duty is beyond belief. When you watch movies depicting D.Day (Normandy), the Allied attacks on the Nazi surge, and anything dealing with the 1940’s militarily, it is easy to forget that black people existed, let alone fought. It being very much a white man’s world during these times, blacks were kept out of books and camera view, especially when films were being made to record the military. Now think about how bad it must’ve been during World War I for African Americans who served in the Army. This sad fact led to men like Sergeant Henry Lincoln Johnson being overlooked and ignored, even when taking… [Read more]