Mar 30

When I first wrote this article it was entitled “Dear Penthouse (Strip) Club – you suck!” but as you scan the commentary below you will see that I was invited to return by Daisy a dancer at the establishment. Needless to say after revisiting Penthouse and witnessing the change and return to normalcy, I will be returning again and again and it has been re-established as The Dragon’s preferred club for naked beauties and delicious food. When I entered the Penthouse, I noticed that there were more girls of diverse backgrounds, more open space and the food was great as normal. I dined with my fellows and paid attention to the names as I looked for “Daisy” since it was due to her that I returned to the Club that I had sworn to never return to after my awful experience not even a year… [Read more]

Mar 23

Many women leave tell-tale signs that they are just not that into you. And men very seldom pick up on these for several reasons that can be discussed in another article. This is all about helping you decipher the difference between whether she just isn’t into you and never will be, or you just happened to be that guy to break down the wall around her heart and make it your home. Settling: She’s trying to change you. This is a huge red flag of a settling chick! She has assessed your every characteristic and has come to the conclusion that you may have the potential to make her happy. This woman is good for telling her friends that you “look good on paper”, as you have all the symptoms of a perfect man – good job, mortgage, not bad looking, and head over heels… [Read more]

Mar 19

Do not mistake this for another sophomorish frat-boy list of “rules” that is written for cheap chuckles. The Hall of The Black Dragon’s version of The Man Laws is not of the typical, our rules are the result of years of study, research and principle. To put it short guys, if you follow the laws then you will be a man amongst men, a gentleman’s gangster and a better man. Read and obey the Man Laws. Rule 01 (Girlfriends): If asked, your buddy’s girl is both beautiful and funny but she isn’t your type. Rule 02 (Medal of Honor): A good friend jumps on a grenade whenever his main man goes in for the kill. Translation: Normally women roll in pairs or more, although birds of a feather flock together, sometimes you may see a diamond with a piece of coal cock blocking all pursuers…. [Read more]

Mar 17

Nerd is such a broad term isn’t it? And like most broad terms and generalizations for a subset of people it can be very easy to paint the good members of the group with the same angry brush that is meant for the bad members. Lately I have been making it a routine to visit the local bookstore since it gets me out of the office and allows me to concentrate on my writing. This past Saturday I was most unlucky to be in the vicinity of a loud group of obnoxious “nerds” who recited lines from Ice Age – snorting uncontrollably and making everyone pay for their jokes. I am sure that within their circle this was great fun, but for everyone else it was unbearable. Luckily I was saved by a pair of earbuds and a volume setting that worked. Another time I… [Read more]

Mar 15

Is it realistic to “date” a married man? I don’t mean the dude who has moved out on his own and is just waiting for the ink to dry on his divorce papers. I mean the dude who goes home to his wife after he is through hugged up with you! And you know for the few that has “worked out”, it is like counting the number of people you personally know that have won the lottery. For me? That is zero! A friend of mine had her heart serious broken recently, because her boyfriend went on vacation with his wife!!! Get freakin’ real. You are trying to carry water in a basket! What is the purpose of asking who is she? What’s her name? Why are you still with her? Where are we going… While you are creeping? Some women see an advantage in… [Read more]

Mar 11

You Took Too Long, Let’s Just Be Friends “The professional man has time on his side, and he is not going to deviate from his plan just because he sees a pretty face.” There are only a select few times when a man and woman can be friends even when there is attraction involved – 1. You were co-workers or classmates, 2. You are his friend’s girlfriend, wife or cool ex, 3. You are his cool ex (you broke up as an agreement not out of malice), and finally 4. You are a friend’s family member. If you aren’t in this list of 4 then you cannot be my friend, most guys will 100% co-sign on this point – blank  – period. This way there are no illusions on whether I can get in those draws sometime in the near future (which is what most… [Read more]

Mar 09

If you are a porn addict aficionado and wonder how you could get yourself laid by one of the “pros” Katja Kassin answers your question with this blog post. Seems like you would still have to put in work to score the panties from a porn actress the same way you would a regular girl. I guess if you want some quick, easy action you’d be better off calling a local escort. The letter written to Katja by random MySpacer named K: Dear Katja, Look, I’m not even talking about you necessarily, I’ve wanted to fuck a pornstar for years, without paying, just through efforts known as “game” (I hate that term)… I’m a good looking dude, I’m clever as all hell, funny as a muthafucka, I’m not asking for a handout. I just want to know where I need to place myself so that… [Read more]

Mar 08

“Cause don’t forget who’s taking you home and in whose arms you’re gonna be, so darlin’ save the last dance for me” – The Drifters Its an ongoing debate as to whether jealousy is inherently a female trait or not. While many guys tend to fall into the passionate/lover boy role because we know ourselves better than any woman does. We know that guys do not pursue women for friendship and we know that Julio getting her number at work means that Julio wants to get in her panties badly. Women who willingly give up the number or allow themselves to get into scenarios where they are a smooth word away from opening their legs are not good girlfriends and wives. For a level-headed alpha male you may get away with flirting with his girl or even sneaking around to try and romance her off… [Read more]