Apr 30

Today I am going to give some love to my favorite place of refuge from the rat race. Sporting a tasty menu of eats ranging from fat boy caliber to weight watcher friendly, you can take anyone to TGI Friday’s and have a good time. Most importantly for me, my local Fridays prepares the Tanqueray and Tonic correctly. If you ever want to keep me away from your bar or restaurant, just screw up my Tony Sinclair and feel the wrath. Fridays gets it right and whenever I want good food without the price rape, this is where I go. What does the Dragon order at Fridays? You know they used to have this kick-ass prime rib salad that had blue cheese and all sorts of other goodies to have me open. Sadly I was in the minority on loving it so they no longer… [Read more]

Apr 29

Now all of us old hats can argue that Hip Hop died sometime between 1995 and 1996, while you younglings will say that the music is still going strong etc. Regardless of that old argument, we fans can agree that there are a collective of videos and songs that just make you cringe whenever you hear them. Others are just plain bad and it might have caused that person to be permanently placed on your “do not listen” list due to the wackness. Anyway, being that myself and Nia are Hip Hop heads through and through, we got together and came up with a few videos that we consider to be a black mark on Hip Hop history. Please do not get upset if these turds strike up bad memories for you, we do this in good fun… enjoy: 1. J-Lo and The Lox –… [Read more]

Apr 28

Do you know what being “office hot” is? It’s when you have a building full of average to butt ugly people and a regular, girl next door starts working there and everyone treats her as if she was Olivia Wilde. I am sure many of you have seen this phenomenon in action, whether you were the one admiring her, or you were the girl getting admired. Place this lady amongst the general populace and she would blend in easily, unnoticed by the masses, but when she goes to work, she is Venus on a half shell. This has nothing really to do with the hawte, so to speak, it has more to do with the length of time people are trapped in a building together and the ability people have of growing on you after a bit of time. I’ve been a victim of office… [Read more]

Apr 27

I’m going to start this one off with a simple reminder. The Getting Sharp series is about refining the edges to look like a fresh, sharp dude. It’s personal advice that I’ve compiled for the past few years. What makes me an authority on it? Nothing really. I’m not a fashion designer. I’m just a simple, self-conscious guy who has tried to improve my own style by looking at what other people are doing right and wrong. So let’s talk about shoes. What you wear for rims is kinda a broad range of options. I’m not gonna sit back and try to say which brands are best, or what shade of neon you should pick for your modern 80’s Velcro hightops. As with the previous lessons, I’m targeting what you should pay attention to when you’re wearing a button down shirt, in a medium formal-formal… [Read more]

Apr 26

Women, why is it that when a man tells you that he doesn’t want a relationship, he just wants casual sex, you stick around? Is it because you think that sticking around will somehow lull the savage beast into liking you as a person eventually? Do you look behind the shiny red eyes and imagine a possibility of love when all he wants is the prize between your thighs? Why does one saying this to you go right into one ear and out the other? You protest, act offended, get upset but there you are calling, hanging out and eventually giving it up, forgetting that this same man had told you that all he wanted was sex. Why is it that you then get angry when he stops returning calls and coming around? Why weren’t you listening? Why is it that a man will tell… [Read more]

Apr 23

The Ravenous Pig 1234 N. Orange Ave. (between Orlando and Denning) Winter Park, FL 32789 www.theravenouspig.com The Ravinous Pig is located a few blocks off the strip of Winter Park in the Orlando area. The place was awarded Best Restaurant Overall in Orlando Home and Leisure Magazine’s Silver Spoon Awards, however, I failed to see what the big deal was. Granted, the food was not bad, but the it was not exceptional either. And the wine list was very, how should I say…unimpressive. Don’t get me wrong, the food was edible, but if I did not subscribe to the magazine I would never have thought the place would be nominated, much less win. I ordered a salad with goat cheese, beets, pistachio’s, avocado, and an herb vinaigrette. For my entree I ordered mussels in a witte beer, fennel, and orange type juice, and it came with truffle oil fries…. [Read more]

Apr 22

Ladies, if a man took the time to ask you out, then he had at least enough interest to want to get to know you better.  A date is NOT a relationship.  A date or even three or more does NOT MEAN that this guy is your boyfriend! Women ask, but how can I tell if a guy is interested in me?  We went out on a date and had a great time together I would like to see him again, but I am confused.  I wonder if I failed to send out the right signals to let him know I was interested, or if he was just ignoring my signals because he was not interested.  So how can I tell if the interest is mutual?  What signs should I look for to know a man is interested in me or not? First of all… [Read more]

Apr 21

Do I look fat in this dress? Well of course you do, you are fat. Where were you? I was getting blown by a stripper that my friends paid for to see me off on my bachelor party. What did you think of my friend Shelly when you met her? Oh Shelly was smoking hot. Of course everyone knows that the above conversation would place a man in the doghouse faster than anything imaginable, so the likelihood of a guy being this blunt is slim to none. Still women press on with the “you can be honest with me” or the “you can say anything to me” line, without considering the consequences of opening that door. As men we are rarely subtle, we rarely use our “intuitions” and we operate within the realm of black and white. What this means is that we are either… [Read more]