May 31

I like to think that I know a good actor when I see one, and ever since I saw that tear run from the corner of his eye to the wired shut jaw in “Get Rich or Die Trying”, I knew Curtis Jackson (rapper 50 Cent) was one of the big dogs. This has become extremely clear after seeing the dramatic pictures of his physical changes in order to play an oscar-worthy role of in the upcoming movie “Things Fall Apart”. Jackson co-wrote, produces, and stars in the film about a football player who is diagnosed with cancer during his senior year.  Jackson will be acting alongside Ray Liotta and Mario Van Peebles (who also directs the film). How did he do it? A nine week liquid diet and work outs twice a day. Jackson dropped more than 50 pounds just in time for the… [Read more]

May 28

Rule #16 (Don’t Pitch the Bitch): Keep your money and your women completely separated. Unless she started the business with you, is into it as much as you or operates in the same facets as you, the less she knows the better. Remember Blu Cantrell’s song “Hit em up style”? Well if that man had locked his wallet and kept things tight, there would be no credit cards for that crazy bird to run-up at the mall. The same can be said about family, your money as a man should be your best kept secret. It doesn’t matter HOW you earn, just that you do earn. Pay for dinner, buy her pretty things but never ask me about my business Kate. Rule #17 (No Hook-Ups): Unless you are doing your friend a favor by introducing him to Cathy the town bicycle, you are not to… [Read more]

May 27

If you want to get better with your financial situation it is futile to ask a peer for advice if you aren’t prepared to break your history of bad learning and bad habits. Many times my high consumption friends will ask my advice on monetary things and I hesitate to help due to the fact that I know they aren’t prepared to accept what I tell them. It’s very simple really, but it requires the one thing that people of my generation hate doing – reading and paying attention. The secret to financial freedom lies within many a book but it stays elusive due to the fact that people would rather watch something versus reading it. Here’s the thing about watching – the same authors who offer invaluable advice for little to nothing in their books are going to gouge you for being lazy. What… [Read more]

May 26

10. Eric Mongrain You’ve probably never heard of Eric Mongrain, and he probably won’t go down as a guitar legend, but his sound is not typical guitar solo material. I’m not even sure it has a genre. The movie August Rush had a lot of guitar tapping in it, but I haven’t seen anyone do it as well as Mongrain. 9. Lynard Skynard – Freebird If you’re going to make a top ten guitar songs, you are legally obligated to include Freebird. Lynard Skynard will be remembered mostly for this song. It’s just groovy as hell and builds to a near metal fever. You can’t deny the power of FREEBIRD!! 8. Skwisgaar Skwigelf – Crush My Battle Opponent’s Balls What’s better than a blend of amazing metal and cartoons? Nothing. Skwisgaar Skwigelf’s solo “Crush My Battle Opponent’s Balls” is the most insane thing he’s put… [Read more]

May 25

On my last article about the 8 Tips to Keep A Clean & Orderly Home, Dragonette Zimkhia asked me to lend some advice for people, who disliked housework.  First and foremost with cleaning up and organization, the number one thing that you will earn is time. For every minute that you waste looking for the light bill, keys, or your baby’s pacifier, you could be doing something interesting and fun. What a thing it would be to get that time back huh, to barely ever have a situation where you are needed but get delayed due to misplacing an item? Organization and order prevents this, so let me see if I can offer you some advice on organization. While it’s been done before, my aim is to help those of you who hate cleaning, hate organizing and the thought of it makes you tired. Tip… [Read more]

May 24

If you are a single man who doesn’t have a good network of other single friends, I feel your pain and I know the hell that you are going through. Even if you are happily single, the stigmas, prejudices and assumptions made by your once single, now married friends is probably annoying as hell to deal with. I will catch some heat on this one but it must be said, as a single man I know for a fact that most wives will dislike me as a friend to their husbands. It is not so much what I do, but what their husband’s do in order to seem cool to me. Being that they know their husbands better than anyone else, they know that the things I do without much thought is taboo for a married man but doesn’t mean that the married man won’t… [Read more]

May 21

Awhile back I did an article about intimidation and getting yourself a red aura vs a green one in everyday life. Lately there has been an explosion of videos on YouTube and other sources showcasing tough guys getting their asses handed to them by their seemingly weaker opponents. Now the popularity of these videos makes sense being that everyone loves an underdog. Okay to be more specific, everyone loves to see a shit talker get his ass beat. All of these videos have similarities in terms of engagement and retaliation. You have the trash talker who postures for a fight and the victim who strikes back viciously. Add to that the camera person’s callous nonchalance in filming the entire thing and its a lose/lose situation for everyone. Talking trash has many uses, most of them being to start a fight or to celebrate a victory…. [Read more]

May 20

Congratulations to Miss Michigan Rima Fakih for winning the Miss USA pageant and doing so looking like a queen indeed. While some hating ass bloggers and the conservative media are pissed that another Barbie didn’t lay claim to the crown, they have been trying their best to belittle the crowning. There are pictures from an alleged strip pole contest (what’s wrong with that?), semi-racist assaults on her heritage and even mention of her stumble during one of the events. Still we love us some Rima here at the Hall and I just want to point out that Haters Gon Hate and she should just dust it off and stay beautiful. “It was actually a promotional event that my friend, who’s a DJ at a radio station, had for women (to) teach them how to dance and be sexy. (There were) doctors, lawyers — everyone in… [Read more]