Jun 30

One thing about favors and loans, some people love receiving them, others like giving them and others don’t want jack to do with them. Well I can identify with the latter, I mean imagine if you get a favor done for you by Don Corleone and he shows up one day with his bullet-ridden son for you to prepare for a wake? That has got to be the most nerve-wracking preparation of a body you’ll ever have, what if he isn’t happy with the results? BANG to the head, that’s what would happen. But Don Corleone is fictional, we know this, but the favor can be a complicated thing that tightens friendships or causes animosity that will end in friends becoming enemies. Favors rely on the principle of giving and repaying. As a general rule there are two types of favors, the small favor and… [Read more]

Jun 29

1. Let the man (always) pay the bill Can all the new age women stand up!  I am still a firm believer that the if a guy asks a woman out he should pay for the date, but there is nothing wrong with a woman stepping up and paying her part of the tab.  It is probably one of the best moves a woman can make if she isn’t interested in the guy he can’t say she took advantage of the situation and if she is interested it will make a big impression on the guy she is with.  Men go into the date expecting  to pay the bill, but when a woman says she will pay her own way she is going to differentiate herself from all the other women the guy may be talking to.  Inevitably you will still have the petty “free… [Read more]

Jun 28

Men, step up and claim your women. Is it me or do we have a sort of retreat by men as a whole when it comes to the more alpha type women? If we see the assets blooming, the bank account full and her attitude solid, we slink away assuming she’s a bitch with an agenda. I need to know when was it that our balls started shrinking and moving north up into our stomachs. When did it become an unwanted challenge to slay a Dragon, cut down other knights and climb a tower in order to claim a buxom babe as ours. Why are we afraid of a career woman with a little bit of attitude? Doesn’t the reward far outweigh the hassle once the shields have dropped, the thighs have parted and you share in the pleasures of partnership and romance? I know… [Read more]

Jun 25

I have NEVER been attracted to muscle women, actually come to think of it whenever I’d see a chick on the cover of a muscle mag, it was a HUGE turn-off. This was me until I met Denise, the cardiovascular nurse who I worked with periodically. She was sweet, endearing and we would trade smiles with each other whenever we crossed paths.  Soon I found out accidentally that we both parked our expensive German cars in the same distant lot to hide them from nosy co-workers wanting to know what we drove. Needless to say, all that muscle stuff went out the door, I was in love. So lemme describe Denise, she was a shorty about 5’3″, caramel complexion with a short bob haircut. She had a backyard but no fat or cottage cheese, the legs and arms were cut up to hell, letting you… [Read more]

Jun 24

So it’s 2010 and labeling is all the rage, with bloggers like myself spilling our collective opinions into the matrix of knowledge that is the internet, once in awhile like minds will create a surge or “meme” that becomes the buzzword or “in thing” for a time until a new one comes together to take its place. The latest buzz-word stems from a topic that I have touched on multiple times – which is the death of the Alpha male. In our modern times we men are reminded almost daily that it is career-driven women that are the new entrepreneurs, career-driven women who are staying single due to unworthy broke men and career-driven women writing articles about how men aren’t of the stock that their daddies were. When faced with this sort of pressure you can either ignore the ridicule and pursue life or let… [Read more]

Jun 23

“In stature she was very tall, in appearance most terrifying, in the glance of her eye most fierce, and her voice was harsh; a great mass of the tawniest hair fell to her hips; around her neck was a large golden necklace; and she wore a tunic of diverse colors over which a thick mantle was fastened with a brooch. This was her invariable attire.” – Cassius Dio’s description of Boudica, Icenian Queen. One of the most glorious female warriors in ancient history is the warrior queen Boudica – a Celtish badass who led her men into war against the Romans in 61 C.E. Under the order of the commanders of the Roman legions, her people were ravaged for conquest, slaves pillaged her home, and she was whipped. Her daughters were brutally raped and her people made into slaves for the glory of Rome. This… [Read more]

Jun 22

Fellas when it comes to the Strip Clubs and Strippers in general you need to know early on in your relationship how you stand with your girlfriend/wife with the trust issue. Some women trust their man and know that he has morals and self control so no questions are needed after the fact. Most women and I will reiterate for you guys here, MOST women are not gonna be feeling you on it at all, so they will be pissed, berate you with questions and give you shit whenever you attend an establishment. This is why you should find out early on about her feelings on the Strip Club, her feelings on you going to the Strip Club and whether or not you can be honest, or if you’re better off telling her enough to keep her happy and out of your face. Women Don’t… [Read more]

Jun 21

Talking to a beautiful woman is by nature an intimidating task for most men. It is a strange phenomena being that without much extras, a woman is a woman and beauty is subjective when you think about it. Still, you have women who are cute, women who are beautiful and then women who make you consider your self worth just by seeing them. The hardest woman for a man to approach is, you guessed it the drop-dead gorgeous ones. To get past this stigma a man must apply a few tricks to his mind in order to strike up the courage to get past what I call the armor of Venus. See the beauty is like an invisible armor that the woman is unaware of, sure many look and smile from afar, admiring her perfection but few if any will even engage her with casual… [Read more]