Jul 30

Starting a gym can be as intimidating as walking out of your house butt naked and many times folks fall into the same newbie pitfalls that brings unsolicited attention to them, and makes it worse in the long run. Prior to going into the gym I would advise you to find a good resource whether it’s through a gym rat friend (of the same sex), online or in a fitness magazine. Read and learn a bit about gym routines, what they are made to do and structure a plan based on it – this is if you want to avoid the price (and general trial/error of scoring a good one) a personal trainer costs. When you have your plan together, go into the gym and take it slowly and work your way up. If you have never been to a gym before, pull aside one… [Read more]

Jul 29

Dear Dragon, I was at a bar with a buddy of mine and as we were leaving a group of gals cat-called him over to them and they began talking. After about 5 minutes of this I go over there and the chick he was talking to introduced me to her friend. Trying to obey the Man Laws on being a wing man, I chatted up her friend and things were going great. For some reason my friend got really quiet with his chick and she proceeds to come over and join in on our conversation. She then put her hand on mine and took me away from her friend, telling me to ask for her number. Looking up for my bud, I noticed he had left when I wasn’t looking and in front of me was the hot chick that he was talking with… [Read more]

Jul 28

“You are FIRED!” The only permanent fixture in any company structure is the man who runs the business ie: the big cheese. If you are a lowly employee, no matter your position, you are expendable. If there is anything you take away from this article, take this one with you – YOU ARE EXPENDABLE. I know this crushes your inner feelings of “safety” and “security” but the moment you forget this fact, you will find yourself assed out if they decide to let you go. People fool themselves into thinking that their worth is beyond what it really is. Sure your boss can’t do his accounting, he doesn’t know any of the clients and you are the go-to person for all of the major accounts. Sure you’ve created the workflow and built the business into what it is now, but here’s the thing – if… [Read more]

Jul 27

I read a lot of stories from supposedly single women on how they have trouble attracting men. To men who read or hear this we are oft times bewildered as to how and why. The more experienced dater will assume its due to bitchiness, a personality trait or unapproachable behavior. While this is the cause for a lot of guys refusing to step to a woman, the fact of the matter is that a lot of women just don’t know how to show availability. What Men Look For As Safe Openings Body language is as equally important as speech. I am sure you have heard that a million times over but it is true. As a harsh example, if you try talking to someone with your arms crossed and legs in a ready position, it will come across as aggressive. An approachable woman can have… [Read more]

Jul 26

We often hear the many ways that men mess up their chances with women, or turn women off with merely a few words out of their mouth.  It can be the difference between having a great time with someone, and having a boring time with the same person.  We are going to present four ways a woman can turn a man off, as this topic does not seem be covered all that much these days.  It is important to remember it does not take much to turn someone off, and if you follow these general guidelines it can help you keep a man’s interest in you. 1) Act Like A Flake One of the most common things I hear men complain about when dealing with women, they either can’t commit to plans or constantly flakes on them.  If you regularly pencil in your plans with… [Read more]

Jul 23

So you’re listening to some old school Ice Cube’s Death Certificate and you hear a verse that brings back memories that you just have to share so you post it to Facebook. A few friends hop on with the standard “oh I remember that” and others add in another verse or two to show that they get it. This is a standard on Facebook along with random YouTUBE cut n pastes and the white noise of baby pictures, updates on what was for dinner and that one guy who deems it important to tell you that he is on the way to work. Facebook is pretty much a useless connection device used more so for ego stroking and “announcing” than for actual communication. Then there are the armchair politicians and dogmatic religious types who post their “Obama sucks” and “lordy lordy I needs ma bible”… [Read more]

Jul 22

Dear Dragon, have you ever dated a girl, who tried hooking you up with one of her other friends? – Alex A. Don’t you love the balls on some of these women? Hey, I’m not feeling you too much after you bought me dinner but I have a friend who probably would. It’s like thanks for pitying me chick but kindly kiss the darkest part of my ass for the gesture. Heh, never mind me Alex I am a bitterly angry person when it comes to silliness and this is one of the silliest things women do while dating.  The other thing is the fact that when you hook up with the friend, the original will quickly be mad if her lonely ass is without a man and you end up marrying her hook-up. Upset Girlfriend: “You know Alex was trying to talk to me… [Read more]

Jul 21

“You are a necessary evil” There is nothing more pathetic than a non-enterprising workaholic. Business owners love these individuals and everybody thinks they’re crazy… except them. Many times people grind out the unpaid hours and negate their personal life in order to file those last forms and run themselves into the ground, breaking only when the boss tells them to do so. While people who do this will benefit if their company has shown evidence of rewarding the hard-working. The fact of the matter is most companies will burn them out and toss them away as soon as realize that they can pay two newbies half what you’re making and still profit. Show Me The Money If you are clueless to the procedure of Employer/Employee relationships, the basic structure is this: Create the illusion of ascension for the worker bee Pay worker bee just enough… [Read more]