Aug 31

I have to say that I have a special place in my heart for all the fathers I see randomly on the street who are actually spending quality time with their kids.  Too many fathers are always placing the blame on something/someone other than themselves as to why they are not “able” to be the type of father they want to be to their kids.  If you find yourself in a situation where you are not able to spend the type of time you would like to with your kids, such as living in a different city/state, there are definitely alternative ways to fill the void in their lives that is felt with your absence.  Men need to stop making excuses for their lack of parenting and start thinking outside the box in order to let that child know, more importantly feel, that they are… [Read more]

Aug 30

In this article I will be making reference to nerds, in fact the word count on nerd will be astronomical after I have finished saying what it is I have to say. That being said I wanted to preface this with a distinction, I am not referring to fake nerds (Olivia Munn), wannabe nerds (since nerds are all popular now), or geeks (sports stat guy and computer fix-it guy). I am referring to introverts, people who look down when they walk, wear high-water pants and hate/fear people. The guys who stare blankly at you because they haven’t had enough people experience to know that doing so is considered rude. The guys who are so full of themselves on a topic that they see everyone else as complete idiots. THAT is the nerd of which I will be referencing today. Examples of this Nerd of which… [Read more]

Aug 26

Okay look, Die Another Day left much to be desired in a Bond movie. I mean it had the debonair Piers Brosnan as 007, token black (kiss my ass colorists) Bond girl hawte Halle Berry and one epically cheesy Ice Palace that turned the first decent half into a laughable kickback to the Roger Moore smear on the series. It left fans with a bad taste in their mouth for James Bond but I remember the buzz about Halle who kicked ass as the sexy Jinx. The beauty went on to star in a movie called Cat Woman which featured a badly animated version of the villainess doing Capoeira in a designer cat suit. This abortion for lack of a better word made Batman nerds very angry. And let’s not forget that she was miscast as the African bombshell Storm in the X-Men trilogy which… [Read more]

Aug 25

Nine years ago (August 25, 2001) the world of Hip Hop / Rhythm and Blues was shaken by the news of Aaliyah Dana Haughton’s plane crashing. The thoughts were on the freakishness of such an event in a modern time since artists dying in plane crashes were associated with the 50’s and 60’s (think Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and The Big Bopper). The news was horrible and sobering as I had just witnessed her performance as Akasha Queen of The Damned and commented how extremely beautiful she was. Like most children of talent wish and dream of becoming lucky and having the world see their light illuminate the sky, Aaliyah was given that honor and slam dunked it with much emphasis. Her rhythmically coordinated dances are legendary and no dancer can do their thing these days without comparison checks being made (right Ciara?) Her voice… [Read more]

Aug 24

There seems to be this ongoing concern amongst women of our time that the standard of giving up sex within a 3-week period is making it hard to hold us men to a relationship. This can be very true on the surface but the thing you must understand is that sex is an activity to men, it isn’t emotional, special or complicated. For us men, sex is something you do to feel macho, sexy and on top of the world. It is a drug of choice with the only side-effects being STDs and children. This does not mean you can no longer hook us with sex, it just means that having us wait is an old and tired method that will have you wondering why your calls aren’t being returned. Being that as it may, if you want to hook a guy, you have to… [Read more]

Aug 23

Say what you will about Wyclef Jean, his actions in calming the citizens of Port-au-Prince after being denied his candidacy for president of Haiti is worthy of accolades. Many of us were impressed by Wyclef’s bid for the position after knowing his lengthy dedication to being an ambassador for Haiti and spending his own money, time and resources for the betterment of it’s people. If this is new to you readers then I would urge you to do some research into his dedication outside of his career as a multi-talented musician, rapper and founder of The Fugees. Long story short, if there was someone to be a likely candidate as president of Haiti, it would be Wyclef. What exactly happened? After receiving multiple death threats from Haitians opposed to his running for President, Wyclef Jean hid out silently in Port-au-Prince. In support of their beloved… [Read more]

Aug 20

Today’s entry is about the mighty elephant Hannibal, a man whose father instilled such a hate in him for the city of Rome that he would not only fight his entire life to try and destroy it, but took a draught of poison rather than be imprisoned within her halls. Hannibal absolutely loathed Rome, it was a deep, deep hate born and bred from the loss of his father, brothers and friends to their legions, and it all began from one legendary act. The act (that Hannibal reportedly loved to talk about) was when his father, the mighty Hamilcar held him aloft above a fire and made him swear to hate Rome or face the flames and oblivion. Being a young soldier within his father’s campaign, Hannibal at first fought whilst witnessing his father and older brother expand Carthage into Spain and beat back Rome… [Read more]

Aug 19

Over the past decade or so, tattoos have become mainstream to say the least. Our culture has finally advanced to a point where anyone can get ink, not just inmates and sailors. Your mother will still hate it, but overall you probably aren’t going to be browbeat for your body art by society. Hell it’s so acceptable now TV is flooded with tattoo reality shows: Miami Ink, Inked, Tattoo Wars, LA Ink… Pretty much anyone and everyone is getting some kind of tattoo of all sorts of things. PLEASE consider a few things before you get a tattoo of your own. First thing’s first: making the choice. I don’t mean making the choice to get one or not – either you get one or you don’t. The critical choice is subject matter. Tattoos are a very personal matter, and I would be wrong to try… [Read more]