Sep 30

Men react to the scents of your secret garden in different ways. While one man may find the scent alluring and intoxicating, another man may find it overpowering, disgusting and even unbearable. We men are gun shy when it comes to being offensive to women and as much as we love to fight, we can be the biggest cowards when an upset woman is involved. One of the biggest issues that men refuse to tell their women for fear of confrontation is about vaginal odor. Yes chances are that your perfect ex-boyfriend dumped you for being funky and not because he got busy like he told you. It happens, although I cannot quote a number as to how often it happens, fact of the matter is that it happens and you will never know. Now don’t get me wrong as this is not always a… [Read more]

Sep 29

As a writer I understand my power and privilege, my pen is a mighty scythe that can be used to sever ignorance or pile up innocents. This makes me dangerous as well as necessary, it is a job I do not take lightly. Recently while visiting one of the blogs that I follow, I noticed the owner being called to question on his rather negative and biased stance to which he responded the way I would expect my buddy’s 8 year old to. It made me leery of his blog space and brought into question many of the former articles that I had read from him and the commentors that followed it on a daily basis. People should know their limitations. What you read becomes a part of you regardless of agreeing or disagreeing. When you read garbage that you know is garbage it strengthens… [Read more]

Sep 28

Recently I was enjoying some good old school reggae, when I heard Maxi Priest burst onto the air waves with the rhythmic “Hey Fatty, Fatty”.  I was always under the assumption that unlike the U.S., many African and Caribbean nations held fat women as desirable icons of beauty.  I paused to really listen to the words, only to realize Maxi Priest was actually berating her for being fat. He belts out– “Hey Fatty Fatty, why are you behaving like that (go long so)? When you come to the party/club (dance) you do your own thing! You move your hips like they are on a hinge. You do the “round-the-world”, you do the “electric move”, you do the “water-pumping”, and you say you want to “bubble” with me. You walk down the road as if you are slim, because you don’t know that in town you… [Read more]

Sep 27

A true hustler is born not made, sometimes the hustle is within but it lays dormant, asleep and unseen. It may take a life-changing experience, meeting the right mentor or even education to wake up the hustle, but once it’s awake other hustlers will recognize it. To this reasoning I do not take people seriously that are “pretend hustlers” or “big game talkers”. These guys are everywhere and make up a majority of people you meet at mixers, business meetings and (clears throat) “grown folks night”. Recently it came to my attention that a certain sect of successful women are recruiting these guys for their husbands and then trying to make hustlers out of them. These women have the game backwards, you support the hustle, you don’t invent it! A hustler on the come-up for some real cash flow is normally a busy, focused guy…. [Read more]

Sep 24

Rule #36 (A Man’s Code) All men should have a code, it is optimum in living by principles and having people learn your principles and respecting you for having them. When you live life freelance and do things however you feel within the moment, it will appear that you are chaotic, unpredictable and untrustworthy. The most memorable and powerful men in life have codes, we know of those codes because they exemplified them throughout their living years. We emulate men such as these and many people will try and copy their ways without fully understanding the commitment needed to doing so. A man must develop his own path, regardless of how borrowed it may be and make a commitment to stand by it for life. Rule #37 (Word is Bond) A man without his word is nothing, unless it is a man who lives on… [Read more]

Sep 23

Dear Dragon, do you think it’s wrong to not put on your Facebook that you are in a relationship or hide your relationship status when you do? – Daryl.A I hate Facebook, there I said it, it’s a necessary evil for us web inhabitants and it is pretty much an ego stroke more so than a communication portal. See with MySpace people would express themselves through glittery, god-awful graphics, goofy pictures and the latest songs. Facebook lacks all of that ugly gaudiness so now we suffer through bible verses in status updates, relationship updates, celebrity spam, Hall of The Black Dragon spam and NSFW clips posted to your wall. Being that as it may, it is still extremely useful, it is super popular and it is another avenue of exposure and attention. Many women LOVE attention, not all (waves to my fellow introverts) but many… [Read more]

Sep 22

While the contents of this list can be applied to males also, the list represents things that seem to irritate us males when out on the dating scene. Although one of these things isn’t enough to chase a guy off, I can imagine that two or three of them could easily make a guy consider alternatives. Props to people with high tolerance levels but it all boils down to being considerate. In any event here it is, a list of annoying things women do on dates. 1. Pop Their Gum This has got to be one of the most annoying things a grown woman can do in the movie theater. Come on are you 15? This habit is right up there with biting nails and eating boogers. It makes me want to go into parent mode and hold my hand out to ask for the… [Read more]

Sep 21

There are times when a man will find himself in a situation where he must choose between appearance and comfort. The standard of our time is to choose the latter especially if there is no need to impress a female (the man is either married or in a lengthy relationship). While this standard may seem ideal and “comfortable”, it goes away from the warrior standard. The ancient Samurai known to be the most impressive of warriors stressed appearance as well as skill on the battlefield. An unseemly appearance before and after being cut down in battle was shameful. For this an ideal Samurai would have his armor clean, and beautiful, his nails clipped and together, his hair tight and his appearance solid prior to joining the ranks to do war. Men of today use the logic of “I am going to die anyway so who… [Read more]