Oct 29

Rule #41 (I Saw Her First): When a hot woman is spotted by both you and a friend simultaneously, it is the duty of the second man to take notice to ask “are you going to talk to her?” This is a courtesy to the other man in order to prevent the breaking of Man Law #7 Cock Blocking. If the friend says yes then he is given a chance to go over and talk to the lady in hopes of success. Should the friend fail or take longer than 5 minutes to get over to her then all rules are out the door and you had better pounce on her before she escapes. Rule #42 (Ownersip): Men take ownership for slights in times of necessity. This sin’t to say that men tell on themselves at every single juncture, but in times of dire need… [Read more]

Oct 28

Editor’s Note: Sinnamon Jones has a blog that I frequently visit to get the female side of things in this dynamic life of ours. Her articles are extremely candid (which I appreciate) and gives me a window into the female mind that many bloggers either shy away from or are too busy pandering to their community to regulars to facilitate. This particular entry struck me as a platinum find for the boys and I just hat to repost it here . Please visit Sinnamon Nights to check out more of her articles and without further adieu… the article: I don’t believe in cheating. It’s disrespectful in many ways. Disrespectful to your partner because you’re using deception to have cake and eat it it too and disrespectful to the other one because you’re only giving him or her a part of you and not all of… [Read more]

Oct 27

I’m calling a cease fire from my fellow men on these discussions of the successful single woman being lonely, it’s tired, I’m tired, and everyone’s tired. The bodies are piling up on both sides and there is no solutions being taken seriously outside of exploitive media outlets making a buck off the random victimized PhD of the week. Personally the women that I have dated fit the same mold as the ones blogging about being lonely but successful. The resume is solid; they can be sweet but many times exhibit traits or say things that are irrecoverable acts of disrespect to a man. Successful woman, I will tell you that many times it isn’t what you think it is or what your circle of dicks in a glass jar male friends are telling you. A lot of times it is a personality trait that turns… [Read more]

Oct 26

Once in awhile I stumble upon a true gem that has me rolling with laughter after watching it several times. Well normally the songs aren’t meant to be laughed at and I am merely cracking up off the lack of talent but this time the intent was for laughs coupled with actual talent in the music. Presenting Turquoise Jeep Records, a label which has many Youtubers wishing their music was actually available for download and the cause of my new headache from laughing and crying too hard. Their official YouTube channel is at: http://www.youtube.com/user/TurquoiseJeepMusic (subscribe and show them some love) and they have a mix tape in the works which I can’t wait to get my hands on. Anyway I know you want to laugh as hard as I have, so enjoy my favorite 4 videos from Pretty Raheem, Watchymacallit, Slick Mahony, Flynt Flossy and… [Read more]

Oct 25

Some of you out there are guilty of this and have been burned for it before realizing your mistake (cough) Stacey Dash. Look I don’t call women hos… outside of article titles meant to bring you good folks here to read my daily anecdotes. While no hos per se, many women have been extremely liberal with their honey pot throughout their lifetimes only to look back at their life with regret. This regret leads to a silly notion that the next guy will have to “earn” her used and abused honey pot because then he will respect her and keep her around longer than a month. Normally this leads to her well-meaning guy taking her newly proclaimed “born again virgin” status as a slight, being that she had no qualms about giving it to men in the past. Most guys will not stick around past… [Read more]

Oct 21

Many people have misconceptions about the concept of online dating; I have heard many people get advice from friends to stay away.  People who tell others to avoid online dating are generally people who do not understand it themselves, and have probably never tried it themselves either.  This trend can also be seen if you start to look through some of the online dating profiles where you see comments like, “I never thought I would be doing this.”, or “apparently it has come to this me making a profile online.”, like it’s some sort of last death march for their dating life. Online dating is a perfectly normal way to meet people What these people do not realize is online dating is a perfectly normal way to meet people in this day and age.  The belief that all people who are on an online dating… [Read more]

Oct 20

I don’t get men who brag about tricking, its almost as if they believe that confession to the boys will cleanse their soul of the sin. We all know guys who brag on this, the ones who are quick to tell you that they spent $300 for some skull at the local seedy strip club and the ones who told you that they bought a street walker on the way to church on Sunday. Most of the time they volunteer the information without being asked. As friends we don’t judge them, but we do frown upon it in our own way… just don’t expect us to talk about it. Listen up tricks, no matter how much you try to convince yourself that you got over on  a prostitute by bartering her down to an affordable cost, it still isn’t anything to brag about. Tricking is… [Read more]

Oct 19

Removing friends from your life isn’t something that sounds remotely like a good idea. For many people a friend is a rare brother from another mother that you love as much as your blood kin. Well as you progress in life and you develop a code for living, your stances, belief-structure and families will warrant a re-adjustment of your familiars. While Tito the whore monger was your boy back in school and you wanted to be like him, now that you’re a beta man with family, kids and a jealous wife, you may want to reserve your time with the still single Tito to a minimum. One thing that is important when dumping friends (which a lot of people don’t do) is that you owe the person an explanation as to why you are done with them. It’s simple observe: Concerned Dad: Hey Mike, I’ve… [Read more]