Nov 30

So I have heard this opinion more than once on blogs – usually of course from married guy or bitter single chick. While I can see some merit in the serial dater turned husband of the year giving advice, I can’t accept it as a blanket statement. Why would a guy who got married at 18-19 and has only been with his wife be a better dating coach than the guy with a book full of numbers and constant booty floating in and out of his bedroom? Look, while long-term marriage guy can tell me how to keep a woman, I wouldn’t look to him to tell me how to get her in the first place. The dating game can be pretty dynamic so advice should always be taken with a grain of salt. Still when it comes to who tells you what then consider… [Read more]

Nov 29

Seriously, most guys aren’t alphas so the promise of sex from an attractive female will keep a dude around longer than he cares to admit. Young guys will lie and tell their peers that they “already hit it” or will keep her a secret until they finally do. This is due to guys not wanting to seem like suckers or weaklings for not being able to wrap it up in a couple weeks. There are guys out there who have gone a month, 2 months and even a year. Let’s not even talk about the guy who doesn’t have any male friends, he’ll go for a celibate chick and deal with it. See for every ideal there is an ugly reality. On this site we broke down males into 3 categories: Hunter, Member of the Tribe and Sloth – renamed as Alpha, Beta and Omega…. [Read more]

Nov 26

Newcomers to the gym experience and fitness lifestyle let me welcome you on the Road of Kings. While many fail and few maintain, it is a golden road of treasures and pleasures though the rules be strict and many. Don’t worry I won’t be writing like this the entire time; what I want to say however is that the gym is a monkey see, monkey do environment and it is of much importance that you follow the right monkeys and not adapt the bad habits from the gorillas. Below you will find a list of things that most gym rats will agree is both annoying and selfish when practiced by other gym goers. It is up to you newcomers to avoid these activities in order to make your experience enjoyable without adding to the problems. Curling in the Squat Rack Guys do this for two… [Read more]

Nov 25

Editor’s Note: In my rounds I tend to come across many blogs that offer up gems that can help us all do better int he quest of becoming a modern gentleman. Diggame of “From Ashy to Classy” is a man on the same quest who shared his series The Marcus Graham Chronicles on another site and I asked him to bring it here, to the Hall so that you too can enjoy it. Please check out his blog “From Ashy to Classy” and his wonderful opinion articles on black dating and beyond.This is a truncated version of the original which you can read HERE. The Marcus Graham Chronicles is my personal journey of dealing with love and relationships. It is called the Marcus Graham Chronicles because of my affinity for the movie “Boomerang” and how the main character of Marcus Graham relates to me as… [Read more]

Nov 23

Editor’s Note: This is probably the most controversial topic I have touched on in my writing here on The Hall. I reread it days after writing and found that it is 100% Greg Dragon in terms of being blunt, offensive and harsh. I did not and will not be changing what I have written to make it palatable because it is honest, and I feel that me being less than honest is a disservice to both you my readers and myself the bleeding heart. This is an entry into the mind of someone who is extremely bitter with religion in general and I hope you take something away from it other than a wont to argue with me. Thanks as always for allowing me to express myself, it is a freedom I don’t take for granted. – G.Dragon To be honest I never had it,… [Read more]

Nov 22

All for the sake of marriage would you be okay with learning that your mate settled for you? This is a real question and I don’t mean the “we were dating and I eventually fell in love” sort of settling but more along the lines of “I have been a freak for a few years and this guy has his head screwed on straight so I am ready to be a wife/mom with someone and it may as well be him” kind of settling. As a man or woman, would the realization of this make you upset or is it all about companionship? I personally know of 3 marriages that were spawned from one person settling versus the love thing that Hollywood makes it out to be. One was based on the woman being a floozy, but having above average beauty landed her an enterprising… [Read more]

Nov 21

When one thinks of a sexy part of the female anatomy there are items that immediately spring to mind.  Indeed, you know something is of great importance when it’s compared to a fruit or vegetable.  Melons anyone?  Try a slice of Onion Booty?  Unfortunately, there is one area on the vast ocean that is the female body that is often overlooked but commands equal respect:  Venus Dimples aka Dimples of Venus aka Ass Dimples. You’ve seen them before.  The two delicious craters just north of Cheeksville.  Venus Dimples are often accompanied by a complimentary tattoo and stylish midriff.  Once your gaze catches glimpse, they mesmerize like swirls on hypnotist glasses.  They are also a great out if you ever get caught staring at a girl’s booty.  Just say “Nah girl I was just admiring your Venus Dimples!”  You will look like less of a pervert… [Read more]

Nov 20

I’m no parent so I won’t pass judgment on their PC Policing Ads left and right on blog commentaries and with letters to the companies. Recently Beyonce Knowles (resident hawte, wife to Jay-Z and top 100 lady) added the title “too hot for tv” to her resume as parents got her ad banned from UK television before 7:00 pm. You’re probably like huh!? So just check the video out after the jump and if you aren’t packing penitentiary steel in your pants after the 1:00 mark then you are not a man! (Just kidding). I love the commercial, well then again I love sexy women so it was obviously made for me… which… brings… to… question… erm Bey, who are you marketing the lava water to? Is it meant for guys like me to buy for our girlfriends? Because if we are the market consider… [Read more]