Dec 30

Have you ever had the experience where you expressed your love in some form and it was not received as such? Perhaps it was this past Christmas where you could literally see the shoulders of your honey just drop when he or she opened the gift you thought was just perfect! Well, believe it or not, people speak different love languages, and our love tank can be filled or emptied based on how we communicate with our lover’s emotional language. When the love tank is empty, we tend to feel used and unloved. So according to Gary Chapman, these are five love languages we use to fill our emotional tanks. #1: Words of Affirmation Compliments, words of encouragement, and requests rather than demands all affirm the self-worth of your lover. They create intimacy, heal wounds, and bring out the full potential of your other half…. [Read more]

Dec 29

Discussion is worthless if there is no awareness raised, no solutions offered and no steps taken afterwards. It’s for this reason why I dislike many corporate meetings and phone conferences. Oft-time someone is given a soapbox, a microphone and us (their audience) to defecate information orally that we’ve already heard before, know all too well, or have spoken about it a week before. This is the way I feel about blog articles that I come across daily, many aren’t asking questions, they aren’t offering solutions, they aren’t saying anything new… they are just… talking. This year was a good example of this in the blogosphere as people all ran the same topics week to week without any offerings. One especially tired one was of the single black woman and her quest for marriage. Some writers (myself included), offered up solutions to winning guys like myself… [Read more]

Dec 28

Look ladies and gentlemen, if you are with a new love that makes you feel like a million bucks all at the expense of your child then you need to wake up and realize that you are being selfish. While it’s important that you take care of your happiness along with your child’s during his/her 18 year stint in your home, it is still important that the child is happy. I’ve seen it from I was a shorty, single women moving in assholes on their children in hopes that the two will warm up to one another in time. Let me be completely honest with you, many guys will NEVER warm up to your children based off the fact that they aren’t of his seed. Hell he may end up treating his own flesh/blood like shit while keeping you up on that golden pedestal, is… [Read more]

Dec 27

Parents often worry for their children’s future when the 13 year old is still reading Sci-Fi/Fantasy instead of great literature. Many believe that the child will believe in sorcery, magical miracles and other things that they deem false. This of course comes from ignorance. Try talking to a cynic of The Lord of The Rings who hasn’t read the books or watched the movies and you will hear them go on and on about it being foolishness dealing with effeminate elves, white knights and magic. For the person who has experienced the book and/or movies they will tell you it is a tale of overcoming the most dire of obstacles. I applaud a child’s reading regardless if it is history on the Holocaust or Frank Herbert’s DUNE. Adults and their Atrocious Spelling While I am not a grammar Nazi, it still boggles my mind when… [Read more]

Dec 24

To promote health and a strong heart I would urge that everyone that is physically able to do so – take the long way whenever possible. This means parking in the far lot and briskly walking in to work, opting for stairs over an elevator ride and taking the mail to the mailroom yourself. While the norm is to temper the day job during the week and hit the treadmill on the weekend, you will find yourself more energetic and happier when you’ve incorporated more movement into your work life. As a person who stares at a computer screen 98% of the day, I find that the excuse to walk and exercise is a welcome one at any time. In the mornings I park a couple blocks away, walk briskly to work and take the stairs up to our floor. On the way I run… [Read more]

Dec 23

Whilst looking over the old journal that I kept throughout high school and the early years of college, I realized that it took the club life to instill within me the confidence to not doubt myself. Listening to some friends today who put themselves down even before engaging a female, I found passages within the journal when I was feeling very much the same way about girls that I liked. While no expert (is anybody?) I can at least share the steps it took to get past that mentality and become the pillar of confidence that I am. As we have always stated, confidence does wonders for your psyche and it wins you the women that would have otherwise considered you either disinterested (because you were afraid to approach) or corny (because you used a line or tripped up on someone else’s game attempting to… [Read more]

Dec 22

If ever I marry, I would like to think that my bachelor party will be one of debauchery, insane fun, and a send-off the likes of epic movies such as The Hangover. The planning, execution and carry through would be 100% on my Best Man and my wife would not, will not and cannot know a damn thing about what went on during my thing (much emphasis on “my thing”). Recently I have witnessed three separate occasions where the wives had a say in the Bachelor Party of a friend… what the hell kind of bizarro world bull is this? No I’m not making it up, these chicks pulled men to the side, told them what they can and cannot do, and then asked for details on the night at hand! You may as well cut off my balls while you’re at it telling me… [Read more]

Dec 21

“Desperation is like a cheap version of a fine scent. Everyone except you can smell it.” Well that’s what I usually say when I see a desperate girl. Desperate girls come in assorted shapes and sizes, a bit like a box of Roses or Quality Street! You never know what kind of crack case you’re gonna be dealing with unless you unwrap her. (No boys, I DID NOT say undress her). Women are like a Box of Chocolates Some chocolate wrappers LOOK amazing and make you want to devour them, some of them look average and taste amazing, there are those that no one wants that get passed around and finally you have the rare chocolate whose wrapper is nice and shiny AND it’s delicious! I’ve described the categories of women that a man will come across in his lifetime. Some girls are truly stunning,… [Read more]