Feb 28

One of my friends (a young lady that we’ll call Veronica for the sake of this article) is on the market for a guy. Like many of us who choose life over romance throughout our years, Veronica finds herself on the north side of 30 and in want of a guy who will accept her. Given my history with Veronica I knew what it was that she enjoyed. She is active, she does martial arts, dances in parades and is a big time artist. These qualities make her atypical of the standard black girl mold and it was what attracted me to her in the first place (forever and a day ago when we were a thing). Now I am in one spot and happy and she is beginning to feel the need for love after many years of flying solo. The few guys that… [Read more]

Feb 24

Getting sucked into an argument with a comment troll on a blog, e-zine or forum is an embarrassing thing once you figure out that you’ve been had. As a former master troll (fresh out of rehab) and site owner it makes me sad when an obvious (at least to me) troll trap is set and some clueless commenter walks into it. Sometimes it’s not even trolling that is meant to be trolling, sometimes a commenter is just an ass who puts something out there to devalue your post or just to make themselves feel better than you. Well enough is enough, The Hall of The Black Dragon does not want the trolls to have it so easy, so we offer up some clues for you to “get a clue” on the troll game. Either don’t respond to these people (which makes them look dumb) or… [Read more]

Feb 23

I remember the day my man Lawrence broke up with his girl he volunteered me some photographs of her topless bodice. While I feigned interest because that’s my man and I know he did it to satisfy his wont to humiliate her, what he had done was to burn her breasts into my brain so that I can never be in a state of wonder when I see her again. This humiliation is also performed by women that want to humiliate their ex, but it is done in the form of describing your anatomy if you should be born with less than a hammer in your pants. See fellas, this is the main reason I tell you that when you do get some panties you had better lay it down hard like your family’s life depended on it. You need to go full throttle Brian… [Read more]

Feb 22

At the risk of getting no reads on this article (the ones that I write defending women seem to do the worst in regards to interest) I wanted to explore the stigmas and fears that men have for women that lift weights heavily. I don’t mean all men but rather the more vocal of our number that have relayed their disinterest and disgust when it comes to hard bodies. We can begin with the term hard body and for all of you men reading that wish to broaden your dating horizons to include the gym. I will attempt to debunk the myths that surround a lady gym-rat. Muscle on Muscle is Not Always Desired While it may make perfect sense for a male bodybuilder and his female counter-part to link up, marry and have droves of muscular babies. Many bodybuilders are just as content finding… [Read more]

Feb 21

A woman that has fallen head over heels for a guy will not have the clear judgment needed to see that everyone else in her life wants to cut his head off with a rusty blade. You may not know your douchebag boyfriend is hated until you break up and everyone admits that they thought he was an ass. But luckily for you there are tell-tale signs; normally you can judge through the thoughts and actions of male family members and “friends”. The latter is in quotations because male friends more than likely want to be more than that with you so they will probably give you a bad report on the guy anyway. So read the signs and ask your brothers, uncles or father and get multiple answers, don’t just trust dad’s feelings. Jackass Signal 1 – Short visits from male family members If… [Read more]

Feb 18

I don’t know what it was that made me avoid them, maybe it was those terrible pictures that come on the packaging of a dude sans shirt in a pair, looking like nasty spandex guy. Whatever it was I didn’t want anything to do with them, them being of course boxer briefs. The ex-girlfriend used to stay on my case to “try” them and I was so hesitant and against it that I didn’t even do it, see for me swinging wild in boxer land was the place to be. As a general rule it would be boxers daily except on the days where you had to do slacks (having a “print” is not cool, despite what Meatballs 3 tried to teach you.) Now I simply don’t want to wear anything else, boxer briefs are the perfect combination of both worlds. If you have to… [Read more]

Feb 15

Is it worth the time to teach someone that you have slept with (and like) the fine art of making love? Will it yield you and her the rewards of carnal pleasure if she could simply learn to do this or to do that? Is it worth it, or are you of the mind that anyone who isn’t a wife or long-term girlfriend is a potential flight-risk that will take your secrets and use it to blow the next guy’s mind? Or do you believe that sexual curiosity and performance is something that is naturally developed and cannot be taught? In short, you believe that a woman either has it or she doesn’t. Recently the big Celebrity dish has been that of the fractured relationship life of the original Lady Dragon Halle Berry. The Paparazzi scramble to snap pictures of she and her daughter and… [Read more]

Feb 14

I hate Valentine’s Day, and if you aren’t female and in a relationship then chances are you hate it too. Unfortunately I must preface this article with a disclaimer that I have a “Valentine”, so while I hate to disappoint those who see me as a lonely troll in some basement being bitter – you will find that most articles lamenting Valentine’s Day are from guys who actively have to participate in it. That being said, I don’t hate the Hallmark created money-sink day for the typical reasons guys hate it. I hate it because of what we have to deal with from other people on the day, it’s a hassle, it’s annoying and it’s damn expensive! Here are 10 reasons why I could do without Valentine’s Day, and for most of you out there that are single or otherwise, I am sure you will… [Read more]