Mar 31

Everyone has heard people use the term “keeping up with the Joneses”.  Many people make the mistake of buying into that as some sort of complete truth.  How you carry yourself is often just as important as what you’re wearing, and only one of those things can be flat-out bought with cash.  Status does matter in this world depending on the situation, but people often apply their status pursuits in the wrong way.  Buying material goods won’t get you the status that you are looking for, and people think the more they buy, the more their status meter is going to rise.  They could not be any farther from the truth. 1) Status should be about Self Confidence, not Material Worth Status is not simple, but it has more to do with confidence than wealth. This isn’t to say that it’s completely independent of wealth,… [Read more]

Mar 29

Two situations come to mind when I think of this stupid word chivalry that women like to throw around so much. One occurred at a sports bar where a loud obnoxious chick was clearly cheering for the rival team and decided it was wise to get in the local men’s faces and incite a fight. The problem however was that she only had her boyfriend there to fall back on, so you know what happened? They beat his ass until the police came. The other situation is less violent and occurred when I was in college. The transition happened through my buddy Brian who used to open doors for women (because he was a good dude and was raised to be a gentleman). After a semester or so Brian and I started to notice that the ungrateful women of our university neither thanked nor acknowledged… [Read more]

Mar 28

Unapproachable is a different way of saying intimidating or scary. When someone seems perfect or devoid of flaws, it makes them seem unapproachable to others who may be interested. It is also the reason why you see dorks with some of the best looking chicks and guys that probably would make great couples with these women by them themselves feeling salty and being haters. It is if the best thing a hawte can do is smile like an idiot and make dumb remarks in order for a guy to feel comfortable just to step to her. A super cultured, well dressed, well mannered, well spoken and well adjusted chick will scare guys away left and right unless he has money, power, or something else that bolsters his confidence. Usually the guys that win women like this are the ones that can step pass the initial… [Read more]

Mar 25

This sexy little article is about males. I love writing about men. Such a fabulous gender- there’s simply so much to write about the gender who loves to write their name in the snow! It’s the infamous “men versus boys” argument! As a little girl I was greatly misinformed that once a male reaches a certain height and takes on a masculine appearance, he automatically becomes a man. I found out the hard way that this isn’t always so. I often saw that the (physically) bigger a man was, the more insecure he was inside.  And due to this, he often felt a need to overcompensate for his shortcomings. 95% of the males i come across are boys, it doesn’t matter age, social standing or even height. I am fortunate that the males I choose to keep in MY life are ALL MEN, every single… [Read more]

Mar 24

So the woman you like is a tomboy and you obviously dig her but are unsure on how to go about courting her. This is probably due to your assumption that all of the cliché girly things would probably seem corny to her. Well the thing about that whole line of thinking is that you are probably wrong. Sure you both make fun of guys that you see doting on their girlfriends but deep down under the cynical outer shell, this tomboy is a girl. Treat her very much the same way you would a girly girl, but keep things a bit more realistic. Based on experience, you hanging out with her and sharing things that you both like has already confirmed the fact that she likes you too. Now does she like you for a potential boyfriend? That will remain a mystery until you… [Read more]

Mar 23

So you’re dating an artist and everything has been lovely so far. He calls you daily; he’s drawn your beautiful face, sculpted your bust and has written a song that led to you riding him for dear life after you stopped crying. But the honeymoon period is slowing down, your nosy friends are starting to talk and your bank account is revealing that things are different with this guy than the stiff lawyer that you used to date. Sure you love the way that life slows down when you are in his company but you don’t really love the way that you’re picking up the tab on most of your luxurious dinner dates. You begin to wonder at the future, if there is a future and will this man ever have the means to pay his part and more. The answer to this question is… [Read more]

Mar 22

Everybody knows Han Solo from Star Wars, he is the quintessential Bad Boy that women fantasize about. He’s good looking, he shoots first and asks questions later, he’s a rogue, a scoundrel, and a dead-eye with a blaster. Han Solo has outrun Darth Vader’s goons, he’s taken on the legendary Boba Fett and the cherry on his exciting life (beyond the list) is the fact that he bagged himself a princess. In a world of magical Jedi and terrible Sith Lords, Han is a regular guy who manages to survive. But you’ve all seen the movie so let me close his resume and get to the point. Han Solo is the dark knight that women look for in the faux thugs that they date and sometimes marry. What If Han Were a Real Man of Today? I think people give Han more love than he… [Read more]

Mar 21

Schools don’t care that your child is being bullied. Principals don’t care, the bus driver doesn’t care and while their teacher may care, the effectiveness of one teacher is extremely limited. Fact of the matter is that much of the fault falls squarely on your shoulders as parents. Your detached relationship with the kid and refusal to enroll he/she in a martial arts school due to the cost, or the pain in the ass of driving them there daily, has led to them being the “prison bitch” of their school campus. Oh why use the harsh term “prison bitch” on this topic? Let me explain. School is a faux Prison System Many kids will not even talk about their bullying to their parents out of embarrassment (they have the asshole dad who will just recant the old “just stand up to them son” without any… [Read more]