Apr 29

Eggstyle 3980 Tampa Road, Oldsmar, FL 34677 813-855-EGGS(3447) www.eggstlyeusa.com Eggstyle is located just west of the Tampa city limits in Oldsmar Florida.  The dining room serves breakfast, brunch and lunch. The atmosphere is casual and friendly with an err of sophistication.  The décor is warm and upbeat.  The dining area is very open with comfortable booth seating just far enough apart that you are not bothered by other conversations.  I immediately felt good as soon as I walked through the door, as we were greeted with a friendly smile and a genuine feeling of being welcomed.  Aside from being a breakfast restaurant, there is also a separate juice bar area where they prepare smoothies made to order with fresh fruit, honey, yogurt and fruit juices, which is a great for those just passing through for a healthy fix. Side note: I usually do not comment,… [Read more]

Apr 28

Many of us have defended Kanye West’s sporadic actions for various reasons. We’ve put it on him being an emotional artist, we’ve put it on his mother’s death, we’ve put it on the right of a celebrity to be a diva. But if there’s one thing that I cannot stomach it’s when men fight over a woman that no longer “belongs” to them. Granted Mr. West does the same cycle yearly of random asshole shit followed by an amazing album that makes us rethink our annoyance with him but enough is enough. As a Kanye apologist I’m beginning to look like a fool. Crime: Fighting over an Ex Kanye is guilty of being a child that is badly in need of some deep therapy and a good old fashioned ass whipping. Come on people we all know his track record but the recent story of… [Read more]

Apr 27

You mention “good smell” to a man and immediately he thinks of some super pretty boy in the mirror taking five hours to apply his “look” for the day. This stereotype leads to guys thinking that it is okay to “smell like a man”, ie: smelling like cheap cologne, sweat, or old lotion. The following paragraphs are a primer for these men in the ways of smelling good without taking a hit to your masculinity. Take it from me; these items work and you will be very pleased with the result. So what should a macho guy get in order to smell sexy for the ladies? Cologne As a man choosing your cologne wisely can make or break your ensemble when you’re out on the dating scene. When choosing a cologne what I used to do was to buy several of them and then wear… [Read more]

Apr 26

The title was taken from this video, where rapper Joe Budden is discussing the habits of the attractive women that he has dealt with and known throughout his career. He argues for the average, hard-working guys with assets that fail at getting these girls because they (the women) will only deal with men of fame. The famous men treat these girls like crap, swap em off to their buddies, laugh at them, make rhymes about running through them and they still come back for more. The women that he refers to are so star-struck and superficial that a man who has the same amount of money and no title is worthless in comparison to a high spending athlete who doesn’t even spend a dime on her. I have this conversation on the daily with 2 of my partners in crime concerning women, specifically attractive black… [Read more]

Apr 25

I’m sure everyone of you saw that disgustingly cute Volkswagen commercial where a Chibi Darth Vader is running all over his house in costume trying his damndest to use Force on objects… (hell we’re all guilty of doing it) only to fail continuously. If you haven’t then click the link I provided as it will give you some background on the Marvel spoof that you’re about to watch here. Chibi Vader meet your rival Chibi Thor and his ice cold stare, his long golden locks, over-sized helmet and his massive Mjolner hammer. Chibi Thor runs around the house trying his best to call down thunder and lightning into the Mjolner to incinerate things… well he fails and his mom even hands him a sandwich when he tries to show her his power – what a disrespectful wench. Well needless to say the ending is hilarious… [Read more]

Apr 24

I posted this video on Facebook last night without looking at the details of the event, my comment was along the lines of “she must’ve dropped an N-Bomb or something like that” and it led to a small discussion with friends about kids and crime. For those of you who haven’t seen it let me get my thoughts out of the way first and guide you into what you’re about to see so that you can be a bit objective. The first thing you should know is that the young white girl that is getting mobbed is transgender (I’m assuming from the follow-up video interview). The girls acting like savages are 13-14 and the man walking around them is a manager at the McDonalds (has to be the worst job ever invented) So there are your details. Merciless Beating at McDonalds [flashvideo filename=videos/mcdonalds-beatdown.flv image=videos/images/mcdonalds-beatdown.jpg /]… [Read more]

Apr 22

People have started to call Facebook “fake book” because of the number of so-called friends they have on there that are showcasing a false reality. While this is true in many cases, I have to ask: Who are we to police these people? And why is it that we care so much that they choose to be fakers? While I find it pathetic that someone would lie about what college they went to or their relationship status or places that they’ve traveled to, I still am not affected by it so it really means nothing to me. But what is the point of it all? I know for business owners like myself I am forced to have a profile in order to keep pages up, but for Average Joe what is the point of Facebook? I know for networking it is priceless and with the… [Read more]

Apr 21

The beauty industry is the ugliest in the world, THE ugliest. No ifs, ands, or buts! I may have a biased view on this stance, but working numerous years in the beauty industry has made me realize one thing. If you aren’t attractive, you won’t be getting a job working behind a cosmetics counter or in a Parfumerie. It’s the horrific truth and all applicants are judged on their looks first. I know this because I was recruiting for “appropriate staff” for Chanel and YSL cosmetic counters and conducting interviews with applicants. One day my account manager had been off sick for a while and I had to step in and run the account myself with the leadership skills I had; for example: run figures and everything that comes along with the position. To me, when recruiting – it was about the skills and final… [Read more]