May 31
multitasking spiderman

Let me tell you something, I cannot seem to settle on one thing at a time in my life and the blame can fall squarely on the grind. For years I juggled a managerial position at a day job with my own online business and I only mastered the art when it came to a social life coupled with love. There are many of you out there who like myself live the equivalent of 3 lives worth of effort. The term “doing too much” is the mantra of the lazy but for the workaholic the saying is “there aren’t enough hours in the day”. I have imagined the ability to freeze time in order to do the millions of things in my head and the ultimate vacation would be quiet time away from people and responsibilities. At this point I am either echoing your thought… [Read more]

May 30

“You see this man? His name is One Stab. He’s a venerated elder of the Cree nation. He’s counted coup on hundreds of his enemies. He’s our friend and he’s thirsty” – Tristan Ludlow If you’re a man and you haven’t seen Legends of The Fall, then you need to go ahead and fix that. Legends of The Fall on the surface is a love story that many of you will write off wrongly as a chick flick due to it not having AK-47 and Assault Rifles but trust me, it is a movie for the boys. We nominated Legends of the Fall as a manly movie because of 3 things: the story – which is about the strength in brotherhood / Family, the indomitable human spirit (Tristan) and finally the Native American warrior known as One Stab (Gordon Tootoosis). The movie details the events of… [Read more]

May 27

If there’s anything a man shouldn’t be – it’s desperate. Yet 90% of the single guys I know–are. What you get are 3 categories of men: The super desperate one (let’s get married in a week!), the “lets play it cool” one (doesn’t call you for 2 weeks even after he took your number!) and lastly the rare dude that has struck the balance of the push and pull theory. Let me explain as to why being desperate (aka clingy and needy) is SO detrimental for a man. Ages and centuries have passed and MEN were once the gender that went out, fought and brought home food (and a lot of glory). To see a guy become desperate over a woman is truly a sad situation. Chill out with the marriage jokes guys, Jesus – the popular belief is that men run away from commitment,… [Read more]

May 26

A friend of mine recently came to realize that a lifelong friend of hers only called her when she needed something. She has known this friend for over 25 years yet this realization just dawned on her – how is this possible? Knowing her well, I realized that it’s due to her being a super nice, unselfish person with a bleeding heart. Kind people are so locked into helping others out that they tend to put their own feelings to the side and in doing that miss out on the fact that they are being used. This is even worse in relationships, a woman who cooks, cleans and pays part of the rent will not notice that all her man does is eat and play video games. Not everybody has the good conscience to check themselves when they are being a user. They will come… [Read more]

May 25

“Dear Greg, I am having trouble dating because it is hard to keep men in my life due to none being interested or wanting to stick around. My last boyfriend told me that I don’t need a man, and no men would want me – at the time I thought he was just being mean but its all coming true. Is this the way men think, that my independence is a sign that I neither want or need them? The comment that I have always heard is that I am unapproachable, how do you determine this? Is it looks? Guys can be so frustrating to understand and it annoys me that I am not given a chance.” – Paula G. Hey Paula, you may be giving out negative signals if men aren’t even getting to know you before they throw the towel in. It could… [Read more]

May 24

Do you ever notice that some folks get a free pass to be single whereas others are scrutinized? Probably not since nobody pays attention to the fact that a single person is pushed towards marriage while a divorcee is given a pass to never have to marry again. It’s almost as if getting married is the point but staying married is not as important. This strikes me as odd because if its all about people pairing up, why isn’t the divorcee pushed towards a second marriage as much as the person who hasn’t married in the first place? As an unmarried man I have heard some of the craziest and dumbest reasons why I should get married and have babies. One female friend of mine actually got upset with me because according to her I am the type of person that should be having babies… [Read more]

May 23

“There is much more… than dressing funny and sweet talking prostitutes” There has been homages made and props given to Pimps in the Hip Hop industry since time immortal and people listen to it, get interested, accept it as truth and forego the research into their reality. When I see people of my culture refer to themselves as Pimps or Pimpin it makes me shake my head at the ignorance – but how can I blame them when the game is still so much of a secret? Pimps are gamers and the high profile ones have written books, done documentaries and sold us a tale that is only about 10% factual of their lives. We look and laugh at their gaudy dress,  but there is much more to a pimp than dressing funny and sweet talking prostitutes. Breaking in New Girls If you haven’t a… [Read more]

May 22

Editor’s Note: I am sharing this article by on the ways a woman can romance her man because her article is pretty spot on as to what can get our gears truly turning. Max starts her article explaining how she tried the traditional romantic gestures in reverse for her guys and how they basically ignored them due to not being wired to accept such gestures. The things she suggests will seem silly to many of you women but as a man trust me, she knocked it out of the ball park. You should check out her articles on as she writes aggressively and very well about love, life and relationships. Thank you. Blue roses on Valentine’s Day, spontaneous gifts strategically hidden so that he finds them when he least expects it, cards and notes just to say “I love you” or “Good luck… [Read more]