Jun 30

A man’s perception of the dating game is this: Any woman can walk outside, trip, fall and land on a penis (slang translation: there are so many men desperate for women that no effort is needed by a woman to get a man). While this is crass, It does truthfully reveal how we think when it comes to women and dating. Part of the reason is because we see so many desperate “good” men settling on low value women. We’ve also seen women turn down men in our lives (that we know are good men) then complain about a lack of good men to date.   The problem with our assuming that women can have whatever they want is that it is a male’s perspective. Women in reality tend to be picky about their mates while men are quantity over quality. Give a woman a hundred guys and she will turn… [Read more]

Jun 27

The answer of course is no, its a stupid question but one that holds merit. The amount of attention being placed on black women whether negative or positive have skewed many mens’ thinking into the realm of “high maintenance”. The blogs written by men and women about the black woman’s place in the United States mention many things but it isn’t just the blogs that are the problem, it’s their commentary. You comb the articles of MadameNoire.com, TheFreshXpress.com, Blackvoices.com and any other space dedicated to blackness and you will find that every other entry is about black women and their struggle for beauty and dealing with us “worthless” black men. The blogs bring about a bias from the male brain where you can get to a point of “damn this is too much”. When an explanation of an issue becomes 100 explanations of the same… [Read more]

Jun 24

Before I get into it let me dispel your thoughts of nasty chain-smoking Dr. Girlfriend sounding women right now. When I say raspy, I mean feminine voice but with the sound of something slightly hoarse. So let’s call it “slightly raspy” as opposed to stereotypically “chain-smoker raspy”, Jennifer Tilly not Marge Simpson or her sisters. Got it!? Oh and raspy does not mean manly, I’ve seen this mistake made several times on web spaces, a woman’s voice can still be nasally sweet and have that grating sound on it to be considered raspy. Check yourself on your definition folks – now allow me to explain my attraction. I used to watch Law and Order religiously back in the day because I had a crush on the Assistant DA played by Angie Harmon. She was sexy, but a slight little thing, dark hair, dark eyes, whatever… [Read more]

Jun 23

I am an IT guy that works with technology all day, every day. I do not own a smart phone or tablet of any type. Is this a little bit odd? Yes, yes it is.  I’m supposed to be a techno freak, not a Luddite!  However, the fact remains, when I answer my cell phone, people look at me as though I am an alien because I carry a flip phone. “…I am an alien because I carry a flip phone…” So let me tell you why I choose to live this way. I have several reasons but primarily, I do not own these items because I feel that it is ludicrous to spend thousands of dollars per year on a toy. Yes, I know you can check your email… so what? Mostly, that’s just an excuse to ignore the person/colleague to whom you are… [Read more]

Jun 22

Editor’s Note: I use very strong language in this post so care bears beware. There seems to be this attitude from people on the outside that the woman you cheat on your wife with had better look a lot better than your wife does. We take for granted the situation with which you meet and eventually begin sleeping with these women and instead imagine the world that Hollywood gives us in terms of “the jump-off”. Consider Tony Soprano, a husky mob boss on HBO’s The Sopranos who leaves the thick goodness that is his wife Carmella (played by Edie Falco) to go play in some of the most beautiful Italian and Russian women’s bedrooms. Tony pursues these women because he doesn’t respect his wife and family, he is a predatory person in all aspects of his life so marriage vows are a joke – he… [Read more]

Jun 20

I recall the day, I think I was about 23, when my buddy Cleveland (ya, ya, get your Family Guy jokes in) flipped over on his back on a bar and the bartender emptied a quart of Grey Goose Vodka down his throat. Cleveland was at that club at least 4 times a week and the bartenders loved him – god bless his scales and fins, the boy was a fish. They loved him because Cleveland was a fun drunk, not one of these douchebags that starts fights, spills things or goes in on your girlfriend, he just became Cleveland x2, a more enhanced version of himself. He got funnier, danced better and became more engaging. We all were slamming drinks like fish back then, it was liquid courage, the smile enhancer, the fun maker, the cougar panty melter… you get the gist. When I… [Read more]

Jun 17

Dear Dragon, I have been with my boyfriend for a few months now and I really think he’s the one. We have a very active sex life and I honestly do enjoy it. However, I have a more kinkier side to myself and I am afraid of scaring him away. How do you suggest that I introduce that side of me without him feeling like he’s doing something wrong? – Thanks, Karen Hi Karen, unless your man is one of these repressed religious types that is drunk on the Kool-Aid I can put money on it that it’s game on if you try him. Wait! You aren’t trying to put a deal in his deal or anything are you? There are lines that most men won’t cross so I would encourage you to feel him out during one of your sexy chat moments or one… [Read more]

Jun 16

Twittercide – when you destroy or come close to destroying your career, character and relationships by tweeting offensive vitriol in 140 characters or less. This week the awful game Duke Nukem Forever came out and was lambasted by game review sites all over the internet. One spaz by the name of Jim Redner who owns The Redner Group that once represented 2K Games (the company that released Duke Nukem) took it upon himself to commit Twittercide through the following tweet: “Too many went too far with their reviews… we r reviewing who gets games next time and who doesn’t based on today’s venom” Well needless to say Jimmy’s attempt at a blacklisting rant backfired and his little company was dropped by 2K Games about as fast as it took him to click “tweet”… then came a mile long apology letter from him to try and… [Read more]