Jul 28

There are always people at work who you have to deal with on a daily basis and simply loathe the time spent with them. Because it’s your work place, you must keep the peace and act as if they matter until they are out of your space.  Here’s my list of the top ten annoying co-workers. Dog Talk Hear this dog lovers – not everyone cares about your dogs and the cute way he jumps in the pool with you when you are trying to relax. Truth be told, I think it’s kind of gross to be in any body of water with an animal (or the bed for that matter). Unless the person on the other side of the conversation is a known dog lover as well, keep your dog comments to yourself. Business meets Personal When you are at work, that’s the only… [Read more]

Jul 27

Have you ever been hooked up on a blind date by a well meaning friend, co-worker, or family member? If you have, I hope it went well for you. I have never been on a blind date, and all I can say is “Thank God!” I promise you, this story is not a product of my imagination or creative writing skills. It is the true experience of a co-worker (let’s call her A’Vonique) and is less than 30 days old. A’Vonique had to travel to the Midwest for a week-long work related trip. She excitedly notified a college mate who lives in that city, with the hope of visiting with her. Her friend, knowing A’Vonique was single, announced that she had a “friend” for her to meet and proceeded to set up a blind date. A’Vonique was dressed to a “T” in anticipation of meeting… [Read more]

Jul 26

The other day I was reading a blog by one of these so-called “relationship experts” and a man wrote in to her asking how he could master the art of talking to women. Her advice to him was not to get better at talking to women but instead find one that he likes, befriend her and get with her that way. I thought it was some of the worst advice given to a man because many women have told me how they hate when a man comes at them from the friendship angle. I can understand this as it is not a genuine relationship and pretty much a bait and switch for her. I always tell men that they need to get their rejection bumps in so that the jitters and unpleasant feelings from a woman saying “NO!” is no longer in the equation when… [Read more]

Jul 25

I may be at risk at sounding like a disgusting White Knight on this article but trust me I’m no White Knight. Quite the opposite actually, I’m like that rebellious, badass, Black Knight who blocked Arthur’s passage in order to see if anybody was worthy of a good fight. See when I see hive mind on something, my natural thought process is to ask questions and fight back against it. If we are going to have a nice utopia, then wouldn’t it be nice if everyone played by the rules? Recently I did a vote on one of my favorite game series Mass Effect to see which model would represent the protagonist in their alternate cover. Upon observing the results I noticed that the Blonde model had over 13,000 votes whereas all the others: Brunette, Asian, Middle Eastern and Black were at about 1,500 or… [Read more]

Jul 23

Nobody likes to hear about their favorite artists dying but it worsens when that artist is young and full of potential. Amy Winehouse was a songstress who transcended many of her peers by channeling the greats with her powerful voice. She was in tuned with hip hop, not an elitist who shunned it – one of her songs “fuckery” was even dedicated to Nas, that’s how down she was and she did a collaberation remix of “I’m no Good” with Hall favorite Ghostface Killah. I say all that to show how much she embodied my two favorite musical genres of rap and jazz, she was my soundtrack and I was one of her fans who was hoping she could kick her demons and deliver a 3rd album. Today’s loss is another reminder to all of you out there who think that you are smarter and… [Read more]

Jul 20

When men breakup, they take it the hardest. Women? We a) Cry b) Cry with our friends and c) Cry with ice cream on the phone to our mothers, friends, sisters and any other female within a 5 mile radius… The beautician, the hairdresser – everyone. No one looks at a woman weird for crying. If she tears up, at the end of the day she’ll say that she’s a woman to get out of it and no man will ever question her. Put a MAN in the same mix and dear God, his heart might be in shreds but because of social conditioning he FORCES himself NOT to cry. He is a man and crying is “weak”, its a woman’s thing and he cannot be eaten alive by all the other guys that are not crying out there. I cannot imagine as a female the pain… [Read more]

Jul 19

So women are in love with the Iron Man, not so much Robert Downey Jr.’s excellent version of the billionaire playboy (though they admit to liking him too), but the suit of armor! This means that there is hope for you nerds that spent 3 checks purchasing the parts to make your Mark II suits damn near perfect… if you can mock the Stark swagger that is. Recently I sat down with an attractive young woman that I learnt was big into Iron Man without the comic book background or “nerd cred” to discredit her. This girly-girl has seen the movie twice and she and her girlfriends are all in concert with their attraction to The Invincible Iron Man. Why The Suit? Well it’s the suit + movement + the fact that the man inside is about as vulnerable as you can get. It’s the… [Read more]

Jul 18

Editor’s Note: I’m going to keep score on the amount of visitors who read this title and comment or send me a message without actually taking the time to read the article. My fellow men, I have found the problem with “Nice Guy” and I have gone into my lab to mix up a cure for his lonely ailment. See, the problem with nice men is that they care too much what a woman may think. EUREKA! They care way too much, they don’t care about a woman’s well-being so much as they care too much what a woman thinks about them. Hold that thought, see women contradict themselves constantly in the eyes of men. Try to figure out what a woman wants, then check all your positives off on her list and you may find that there is absolutely no way you could be… [Read more]