Aug 31
Guy failing hard at a date

Compliments are generally a good idea especially when you are sincere.  For men in relationships, flattery is important because when the woman gets a new hairstyle she is going to want to know what you think about it.  But even before that she will want you to notice it without her prompting you that something changed about her appearance. In many cases many men won’t care either way, but letting her know you’ve noticed is an art form. The Art of Compliments: The first thing you must do is to take into account the woman’s appearance.  Make sure you don’t generalize it with something stupid like “you’re hot” or “Damn baby you got a lot back there”- those type of statements aren’t going to get you far with most women. Pick something specific about her, like her hair, or how her outfit looks because that… [Read more]

Aug 29

Every man dreams of a ride-or-die chick, she is a hard find in today’s society but some men luck out and find her. The ride-or-die chick is the woman who is there for you regardless of your situation. Life may come at you hard but you can rely on your girl to be there with you through it all, no matter the crime, disease, or atrocity. Many women on our favorite television shows and movies have exemplified the ride-or-die mentality and have gone too long without being heralded for it. The following list is of 10 Ride-or-Die women from movies and television:

Aug 26

Intelligent men have time after time repeated the fact that being a woman must be hard. Of course it is. There is no doubt, and when i look at men, they have their own set of trials and tribulations but the emotional burden a woman carries for life is true insanity. Let me explain: From childhood all a girl is conditioned to do is to look pretty. She must look pretty (and feminine) so that everyone can fawn over her and like her. She is conditioned to forego rough games and to make friends with other girls. Then she  grows up and everyone is on her case: “Don’t sleep with a guy. You’ll end up pregnant.” “Don’t sleep with a man, you’ll end up hurt.” “Don’t sleep with a man because the moon will fall out of the sky!” Is it any wonder that a… [Read more]

Aug 25
Martial arts take-down

One of the most annoying and inaccurate stigmas with the martial arts is that you have to be a child or pre-teen to enter and take away anything of value from it. As a practicing Karateka of 23 years I am here to warn you that formal training could and will save your life. The statement that is the title was stated by Nas, a rapping emcee who has made a living echoing the sentiment of the street. Of course if you are familiar with the street’s sentiment, it is “I practice Gun fu not kung-fu” which is arrogance in assuming that a. you will always be in a place where your gun is at the ready and b. you are born with the natural skills to fight. My question to you older folks that shy away from martial arts based on this is –… [Read more]

Aug 24

This isn’t about her booty, this is about that long face, the nothing going on upstairs glare and endless hair that is on every website (now this one too) and every magazine. For all the hate that Kim Kardashian gets, one thing that she has done to male attraction below the surface is to normalize the look of long-face pretty girls everywhere. Since the over-saturation of the Kardashian family, men have slowed down on putting the “exotic” long-faced women over as superior beauties. Case in point, the actress Janina Gavankar who plays Luna Garza in HBO’s True Blood should easily be the eye-catching hawte of the show but when I asked a fellow fan of the show what he thought of her, he echoed the same thinking that I had… “I don’t know man, she was hot for a bit but I’m over her –… [Read more]

Aug 23

“Hey Dragon, check this out – I talked to a white woman who has 2 kids from her former husband (black man) and she’s now dating a white guy who ever so often gives her flack about her being with a black man and having his children. This is supposedly a white dude from ‘the hood’ too with ‘many black friends’! What’s the deal with that? I have Latin girls who told me the same thing about their Latino boyfriends too.” – Calvin.D Hey Calvin, black stepfathers are guilty of the same bull… (I know a lot of guys who would quickly remind their black woman about the white man that ran out on her after knocking her up) but before I go in on dumb women who let jackasses get near their kids, I want to talk about racism for a bit. What’s sad… [Read more]

Aug 22

If you put a time restriction on your body, let it be a personal choice and not some magical number invented by a “Guru”. The men that you want (I didn’t say all men, or most men) won’t wait and you can throw as many names at us for this, but the fact is that you are getting false information and it may be detrimental to your dating life. Lets cut through the bull, the philosophy, the feel-good articles and the liars who write them. Women we want to sleep with you, and we want to sleep with you right now. If you turn out to be a cool, down ass chick on the way to the bedroom then we may or may not figure out that we actually love you and want to devote ourselves to you on a full time basis. In this… [Read more]

Aug 19

Editor’s Note: One of my favorite blogs posted an article recently involving a rather taboo topic that most prudes will shy away from. NWSO talked to 15 men and got their feedback on that ol’ porno standard of ass sex and you will be quite surprised by what they had to say… I can understand this philosophy of saving something “special” for your husband but if I can be so frank that’s a pretty sh*tty gift (pun intended). More specifically, who’s to say that your future husband even wants to ride the Hershey Highway? I mean, are so many women saving anal for their husband as some sort of “special” fantasy gift that he may not even want to accept? Or do women just think all men want to do it in the butt and are willing to concede to it for the spouse? That… [Read more]