Sep 30

Every strong woman that I have ever dated has been a sweetheart when it came to the actual relationship. I think that a lot of tough girls who stand up for themselves and can physically fight you back, are stereotyped wrongly as this hyper-masculine, evil, bitch that isn’t capable of love. Many of you reading have seen a strong woman walking around with a guy that you assume is either weaker than she is or if he’s muscular – you assume him a big, patient, teddy bear type. Then you wonder at how he could possibly deal with her whenever the arguments start. I’ll tell you this right now, it takes a special kind of guy to date a strong woman – personally I have never had a problem with it. The main reason for this is that strong women in matters of love and… [Read more]

Sep 29

Many times I hear men joke about going at a beautiful woman without any protection. The joke is along the lines of: She is so beautiful that I would HAVE to raw dog it(slang for unprotected sex)! While we all know that this is just a saying made extreme by the way how men tend to joke, the reality is that it really isn’t just a saying. I can firmly say that most men would not turn down celebrity/model ass if it was given to them sans condom. It’s not so much that you start “thinking with your little head” or any other cliche, it’s that we view it as a once in a lifetime opportunity that must be done. MEN! BUST ONE FOR THE ALLIANCE! Fellas, if you’re shaking your head at my assertion and pretending as if you’re above this, let me paint… [Read more]

Sep 28

I’ve been taking notes on people that I have met throughout my life and one thing that sticks out is that age is a state of mind. In terms of logic, age of course is based on your time since birth but psychologically age is what you make of it. People who live in the now tend to be younger than those who are stuck reminiscing on a time period in the past. I hear more whining about “oh I feel so old” from people that are quick to recall how cool they were in high school as opposed to people that are excited about where they are right now. I can honestly say that my own mother is younger than many of the people I know. My mother has a million things going on, is still goal setting and goal achieving and she celebrates… [Read more]

Sep 27

Two of our most popular articles are: “A List of Disrespectful Sh-t Women Do to Men” and “Dating a Married Man? You Are Carrying Watering a Basket”.  People are searching for these topics all over the world because men cheat and women do passive aggressive things to find out and ultimately get back at us. The other day a lady friend of mine got off of the phone upset because some dumb bird called her to inquire “why is my man calling you!?” The man in question was a teacher and he had called to let her know of a fight that occurred in his classroom which involved her son. Yup, this was a teacher’s wife calling a parent to bitch her out over her cheating husband; Gotta love it. Imagine how embarrassed that woman was when she went into bitch mode only to realize that her… [Read more]

Sep 26

There are many insecure men, countless actually and while they may not come off that way on the surface, in reality they are scared to death. What Makes A Man Insecure The quick answer to this question is society. The same problems that plague women, plague men just the same. Men feel that if they aren’t the richest, most handsome baller in the world, women will not want them. If they find a woman that loves them, it makes them worry that she won’t stick around. There is no cure for a man’s insecurity, he has to cross that bridge of confidence on his own. If a woman is with a man like this she will have many nights of consoling him, telling him she isn’t going anywhere and dealing with his jealous overreactions. A Man Shouldn’t Compare Himself To His Woman If you’re a… [Read more]

Sep 23

I hate Christmas, well hate is a powerful word but I hate what Christmas does to people. For someone that hates pretentious ideals and things, seeing a holiday where people purposefully make themselves go broke is beyond depressing. It’s like a drug that we are all forced to take. DRINK THE EGGNOG BITCH! DRINK IT! December rolls in, people’s lights go up in decorations that spike their light bills, bills are forsaken in lieu of buying gifts for loved ones and for 30 days we pretend as if it’s all love. Harry Connick Jr. is singing his ass off on the radio right after the late great Nat King Cole. Carols are being played all over the place and the temperature drops. Some people take it as an opportunity to celebrate family and make their way “home” as hardcore as possible to see mom and… [Read more]

Sep 22

Look as a man you are going to be tempted with beautiful “strange” at least once in your lifetime and it won’t matter if your wife is as beautiful and lusty as a Jada Pinkett-Smith or an Angelina Jolie-Pitt, you are going to think really hard on it. Come on man, you mean to tell me that you are so much greater than every other man that you could never in a million years be tempted to rendezvous with a seductress? Of course you will and for the weaker men who fold to the allure of strange ass you have a choice in HOW to deal with your guilt, your shame, and your WIFE! Why be an asshole about it? Become a cheater but for the sake of your nuptials and family become a “respectable cheater”, by keeping omerta and keeping your people unaware. The… [Read more]

Sep 21

The title says it all, when you have a passion (which you should), oft times you don’t end up working in that field. While everyone is not entrepreneur material, it is a good idea to keep your focus squarely on what it is that you really want to do. Getting to that goal is it’s own article but what I do know is that the daily grind will blur ones vision. Before you know it you become that salty employee, mad that your co-worker makes $1,000 more than you and mad that your boss hasn’t acknowledged all the extra effort you’ve put in a month before your review (heh). What not to do at your job: Tell others your dream: Nothing is more of a buzz kill than telling your dreams to disgruntled employee guy. The pats on the back and encouragement that you seek… [Read more]