Oct 31

Halloween is coming and while the kids are out getting scary, the adults could use the excuse to get extra… sexy. Halloween parties are all the rage and whle alcohol makes any outfit on a woman look sexy, there are still those times when you can look back and remember that one hot chick at the party. When I asked the fellas what outfits they found sexy I was able to compile a list of 10. Ladies if you are in need of an idea of what to dress as to make the boys go crazy, take a gander at our top 10 sexy Halloween outfits for women.

Oct 28

Let’s face it, some men are going to live hood rich no matter what you say to them. They don’t care that much about the future to worry about investments and saving and other square philosophies that won’t allow them to BALL OUT OF CONTROL! So ladies  if you have one of these men in your life and are worried that in a year or 2 he will be living off of you due to the money drying up, I am here to help. A hood rich mentality is very similar to the way Wise Guys in the old mob lived… Well the soldier level guys, not the smart bosses that lived low key. Ironically the one boss that young black boys look up to from Italian organized crime is boss John Gotti. The thing about this though is that Gotti was hood rich but… [Read more]

Oct 27

Let’s face it, beauty can strike a man weak and beautiful women make for nice posters, magazine spreads and wallpaper, but there’s nothing like sexiness to trump the power of beauty. What I am getting at is a bit complex to explain but I can use a real world example to show you my meaning. If a woman is sexy, or has become sexy through clothing, walk, talk or working out, she can convince a man to be nuts for her a lot faster than anything else a woman can do. Now some of you men will argue that “ya but you have to wake up to that face in the morning” but I assure you that a woman’s aura can make you so drunk as to bypass all that “what if” nonsense and before long you will be the guy that has all the… [Read more]

Oct 26

I’m wondering if the recent Reebok Easytone settlement will open the floodgates for suits of other products whose advertising claims promise the moon. After all, what product really delivers on its promises anyway? My lashes are still not great or stiletto. Eating a NutriGrain has yet to  cause me to eat better all day. Yoplait light yogurt could never be confused with a piece of cheesecake. And while Nike’s ads are truly inspirational, generally speaking, I “just” put Nike on. Doing “it” seldom gets done. Add to that the thing with using celebrities to serve as ad men and women is the implicit promise that you’ll look like them, smell like them, and have some modicum of  success like them in life, love or happiness if you would only use the stuff they’re using. So Kim Kardashian is one of Easytone’s henchwomen. Surely by anyone’s standards, she’s an attractive woman who just happens to have pretty good… [Read more]

Oct 25

Guys I hate to break it to you but we are already in the friend-zone when we meet a woman, like it or not. It’s true and I’ll tell you why, a woman makes a mental decision upon first impression whether she can bring herself to sleep with you or not. If you aren’t a guy that’s impressive enough to stand apart as a worthwhile partner or and exciting side-piece, guess what? BINGO! You’re going to be a friend for life and she won’t even tell you. A man really cannot control this fact outside of doing his best not to mess his chances up by turning into a douchebag. Women can write down a million things on paper as to what they want in a man and you can be her solid prototype and she will lock her legs on some old “I can’t… [Read more]

Oct 24

One night I was with this beauty on our 4th session of the horizontal mambo and things were really beginning to heat up. It was college, we were horny & experimental (isn’t that what college is all about) and I wanted to show her my talents. Going at it the way an 18 yr old with an agenda does, this girl raises up out of her cowgirl and straight hit me with a stream of golden you-know-what. Pause! The hell just happened? It happened so quick that I didn’t know what to do… should I channel my inner Mr. Marcus and continue to beat the dust off of “that thing” or do I go Bugsy Siegel and throw her off of me like “what’s the matter with you!?” I won’t say which way I went with that one but the two extremes I considered are… [Read more]

Oct 21

Believe it or not denizens, female Samurai are not restricted to the wild imaginings of anime and western movie plots; they truly existed. One of the premier names that tends to come up when you mix the words woman and samurai is Tomoe Gozen, a beautiful and extraordinary woman whose life was so dynamic that many think that she never really existed. Lady samurai were known as ona bugeisha, there weren’t very many of them and the few that lived came from the bloodline of samurai (Japanese cast system dictated a strict division between lords and peasants). Being as it was a rare thing to become a lady samurai, you can imagine that most who took on the title were very good at what they did. Tomoe’s legend begun when her master Minamoto no Yoshinaka took Kyoto and assumed leadership of the Minamoto clan. This… [Read more]

Oct 20

Those of us that have played or participated in anything competitive know that when all else failed and everyone else bailed there was one person who saw things through to the end: mom. When we were outmatched or outplayed, mom (sometimes embarrassingly) watched on. Maybe it was because she was our ride home (child endangerment charges could be a bitch, I’d guess) or just figured “Hell, I’m here now. No need leaving early.” Either way, she stayed. I remember one year playing on a team that just scoring was victory for us. We were a pathetic cluster of boys imitating a football team at times. During those games, I’d look to the stands hoping that she had been looking away and not seen the last few minutes. Hell, I felt bad for her. But never did I think I’d look up and she’d be walking… [Read more]