Nov 30

Despite what movies and books depict, you are not guaranteed to do better than the cool people in your High School just because you were a social reject. The one part of being the social reject that people tend to ignore in movies (and in life) is that the social reject that becomes the baller has a few necessary components to achieve success. Being intelligent is great but do you have drive with that intelligence? Do you finish what you start? Are you the type to stay up nights obsessing over your business plan, your invention, and your future money maker? Many of you don’t but you assume that being the outcast in high school has afforded you the privilege of attending the class reunion in 10 years to laugh at all the hecklers who are now clerks at the local mall or mopping floors… [Read more]

Nov 29

Women can do some of the most subtle gestures and make us want to ravage them like nobody’s business.  I am not sure if the opposite holds true – like do I turn you on when I adjust my package? Just kidding, don’t answer that. But in all seriousness, there is that little tinge of “trying too hard” that makes a man look at someone else and that little tinge of “damn she’s so sexy the way she stands” that keeps us staring while trying our best not to look like some loser stalker. Knowing this fact of attraction I have decided to list some of those tiny gestures that can blow our mind. Now mind yourself that these are all subjective to both the performer and the audience, so women trying to pull a man – practice with caution. It is on an individual… [Read more]

Nov 28

Before I start let me say this: Women, you will not find this easy to wrap your head around because like it or not men see sex a lot differently from women. While there are some women who defy this generalization, most men have absolutely no qualms with having no-strings attached sex. What this means is that there is a difference in friend-zone for a man and a woman dealing with someone that they tried dating before. When a man fails to impress a woman enough to sleep with her and become her man, she will slap him firmly into the friend-zone where he has access to talking to her but little else. Most men absolutely hate this crap and it takes some time and observation before he realizes that he is in it. For women however if she dates a guy that she’s into… [Read more]

Nov 25

Rule #56 (Critique): Never criticize a man’s wife, fiancé or long-term girlfriend in front of him. While this is bound to cause a fight or a rather awkward misunderstanding, it is in bad taste and unwarranted. As a rule a man’s wife and family should not have a place within your mouth unless it is to compliment or inquire on health and well-being. Rule #57 (Emasculating Men): While we always caution women to refrain from emasculating another man it should be a known law that this is something a man does not do to his male friends and/or family. To emasculate another man in front of others is a cruel thing, a life/death thing in certain cases and probably the reason you were given an open hand slap… the ultimate gesture of the duel. If you feel like telling tales about your buddy crying to… [Read more]

Nov 24

Men LOVE women in sweat pants, it’s a universal feeling. While we may disagree on the time and place that we love seeing women in sweats, the fact of the matter is we equally love it when you dress like you’re about to kill the track. For me, personally however… it’s all about the velour. There’s something about that slightly furry, slightly slick material that just accents a woman’s body like nobody’s business. Sure you can see every single curve, flaw and detail in a latex cat-suit but eventually you will be touching the latex and it has nothing on the feeling of some velour. And look, I know that they have been around forever and this post is about on par with a woman talking about how much she digs on a dude in a Coogi sweatsuit but I’m talking material, and curves, velour… [Read more]

Nov 22

­ If opinions are like assholes then this one needs about 2 rolls of toilet paper, a colonoscopy and a  manual on personal hygiene. In this day and age if you eject this insult at a potential mate as if you expect to get confirmation, chances are you will be labeled a douchebag and dumped promptly. Many of you reading have this opinion and I will not turn this into a “let me play my video games in peace” article, instead I am going to break down why this argument won’t win you any favors from both men and women. Gaming is no longer a genre, it’s a medium We have television, computers, video games , smart phones and multimedia devices. On my Playstation 3 I am either watching a Blu-Ray movie, Netflix, the NFL package or playing Assassin’s Creed (for now). For people who… [Read more]

Nov 18

I’ll never forget the day in High School after some big to-do about Martin Luther King (it was February, Black History Month) when I was in line for my lunch being stared at by a blonde haired girl who looked like she wanted to cry. Without warning this girl started asking me what I wanted for lunch and loading my tray up with items that I could have gotten myself, making me feel weird and uncomfortable along with the confusion that flooded my mind. I didn’t know this girl but I thought about it later (after politely telling her to leave me alone and putting back the items) and I realized that I was her chosen charity case due to the white guilt that comes along with tales of slavery, Jim Crow laws and lynching. Now I am not a veteran nor have I served… [Read more]

Nov 17

As if by magic, as soon as you turn 20 the question rears its ugly head. “When are you going to get married?” To be fair, I have been dating the same man for almost 3 years now and we have discussed the concept of marriage. Lucky me, we both seem to be on the same page. Marriage is something we are both interested in, but not something we want to rush into. I’m actually quite skeptical of marriage. The sacrament does not mean that you and your partner will never part. It does not mean you are each other’s slaves and it does not mean the relationship is easy. Love exists even if there is no marriage. The ability to have a family exists even if there is no marriage. People can live their whole lives together, happily in love, with many children, and… [Read more]