Dec 30

Aqua Bar and Grille 813.675.8700 7627 Courtney Campbell Causeway, Tampa, Florida 33607 THE WESTIN TAMPA BAY Primarily a seafood restaurant, the name speaks for itself. Set inside the Westin Hotel on the water of Tampa Bay, Aqua has beautiful scenery both inside and outside of the restaurant. Walking in the first thing you notice is the low green lighting which slowly changes to a clear marine blue. The color change adds the necessary ambiance to impress a first date, as well as the fun lighting for happy hour with your coworkers. The service at Aqua is very good when you are sitting in the dining room. The staff is very attentive and knowledgeable about the wine list. All three times I visited they were able to help me select a perfect wine with my meal choices. The food is divine down to the bread… [Read more]

Dec 29

One of our Lady Dragons brought up the subject of dating a blogger to me and I thought that it would be best to discuss it in an article as opposed to Twitter where it originated. She had read on another space that us opinionated writer types were a bit of a bear to date for one reason or another which gave me pause but I thought about it and there may be some validity in that claim. The main issue of course is jealousy (female readers can be verbal about their appreciation of you, and some girlfriends don’t like it). The other thing is time, many of us are workaholics who write whenever we aren’t working. Then you have the guys that write about their lives – whoa, now that should give any woman a complex. Good looking male bloggers who reveal themselves at… [Read more]

Dec 27
couple on first date

Dating can be fun but many times after what you thought was an awesome first date, you are stuck wondering why your phone calls aren’t being answered or the person’s profile (for you online daters) is no longer viewable. To help you understand what it is that you may have done to lose that perfect date, we have made a list of secondary red flags that people see that aren’t as popular as the typical stuff. You know the standard flags of: bad hygiene, being rude to waiters, texting or using the cellphone, not really listening but waiting to talk, those type of things. Check out the list of innocent red flags and if you’ve been guilty of one in the past, you may want to reconsider doing it on future first dates. 10 things that may impact your first date negatively: 1. Admitting that… [Read more]

Dec 26

Many of you will read the title of this article and be immediately put off by the word “bitch” which is one of those hot button words that gets people fired up; so I must warn you that I will be using the word continuously throughout this article so if you’re offended by it I would encourage you to read any of our other wonderful articles that do not contain the word and spare yourself the trauma. I wrote this to point out to men that there is a difference between someone who hates them and someone who is just aggressive and tough by nature. I believe that a lot of men are missing out on wonderful women due to the fact that they misjudge the strong for being something that they’re not. When it comes to hating men, the term is misandry but we… [Read more]

Dec 23

“The End is important in all things” – Yamamoto Tsunetomo (Hagakure) In this great pursuit of the good life, I think that one of my biggest fears is that I will get to that big apple in the sky and forget why it is I sought it out in the first place. Something about the grind, the ups and downs, and the people that we meet has a way of twisting and changing our course to where we end up old, lacking focus and only knowing how to seek for more. This is a depressing end to a journey isn’t it? You see epic movies and stories like Lord of The Rings, where an end goal is stated and fought for and in the end when the heroes have achieved it, they gather around, raise their tankards and breathe out in relief of having thwarted… [Read more]

Dec 22

Guys lets be real here, many of you don’t like condoms and will do whatever tricks, manipulation or gimmicks to get out of wearing one. While this is stupid to the highest degree of where stupid goes, it still doesn’t stop you and if you have something itching it still isn’t enough of a deterrent to start now is it? So with that being said, if there was to be a version of the birth control pill given out for free to males that wanted it, would you be responsible enough to pop it before the deed? Would women trust their men to keep a schedule and take the pills daily like men trust women to do now? I highly doubt it… we’re just to forgetful. The other thing about a birth control pill for men is the strong chance that it would give the… [Read more]

Dec 21

Editor’s Note: Don’t be a reactionary troll from my title, read the article. According to a lot of men, the idea of a suitcase carrying woman in a pantsuit does not vibe well with the happy housewife image that is the conservative ideal. This accounts to many of the issues women with strong careers have with finding a peer (in business) to date and marry. Men aren’t necessarily looking for a “lesser” woman to marry but they are looking for a woman who fits into the mold of what is shown as the ideal. Donald Draper looks for Betty Draper not a Peggy Olson aka the career driven go-hard that’s pretty but focused on the prize. Sure this doesn’t account for every male who shies away from single professional women but it describes a healthy chunk of us that run for the hills when we… [Read more]

Dec 20

One of the major disconnects that men and tomboys have is the fact that a rough-and-tumble girl usually has a large collection of guy friends. It would be silly to assume that a woman who partakes in things that are almost exclusively boys club would bond mostly with women when men are what she’s going to be most comfortable around due to her day-to-day. Many people assume things from a distance and although the friendship may be innocent to her, for the guys in her circle 99.9% of them are trying in their own way to have sex with her. As men we carry a lot of stigmas towards these women, not to say that women don’t have their fair share. In the last post I did on tomboys we had women commenting that they are all lesbians and a bunch of other noise so… [Read more]