Dec 25
mcKayla maroney and barack obama

2012 was the year of Barry, memes and Olympic gold… this image is perfect.

What a year… no worries I won’t violate my own rules on Politics by getting into that mess of 2012, but even beyond the First World problems of America it has been nuts on the reading and writing front.

I enjoy reading almost as much as I do writing (and I love writing) so I did a secret experiment this year.

For the first half of 2012 I read many feminist-tinged blogs, blatantly anti-man blogs, and ezines with a heavy female audience. Why you may ask? Well I wanted o see what the other side had to say on a daily basis.

The results of my lurking lead to some pretty sobering conclusions about the war of the sexes. I learned that men in general are looked down upon in many ways like children. Many women of the internet come off as angry, demanding, and impatient with men… yet claim to love and care for us all the same.

The latter half of the year took me down another path in my reading – to the exact opposite of these sites to places which self-identified as men’s right activists. Many of these spaces were angry, reactive, holes of hate towards the women who write on the former blogs (not all women in a general sense) and the men writing seemed very hurt.

There were some very well-written, well thought-out, and well maintained spaces hidden in the confines of but the lessons and information on them were eye-opening. It made me pay more attention to what I had already concluded was a death of the alpha male; and it made me realize that it is much bigger.

In a perfect world we would have harmony between the sexes; support for one another, and a heavier focus on our children. In this real world we have a reality where men are afraid to be men and people like myself who dare step out and tell them to be men are called Misogynist.

Blades are sharpened, ready to fight harder

In 2013 and beyond you will see a more direct style of writing here on the Hall. I have decided to reinforce my efforts in doling out solid advice for young men, honoring those who deserve it, and fighting back against those who would make us feel guilty for being born men.

You will also see a bridge being created for women who truly want to understand the male psyche so that the confusion on a lot of these issues can be sorted out. The goal has always been about improvement after all…

For those of you who have devoted your readership to us I will hope that you feel comfortable in voicing your opinion however you feel it appropriate. I look forward to big, exciting things in 2013 and you will see it reflected in the writing, the galleries and the things we have to offer moving forward.

Have a wonderful holiday and thanks for taking a room out in this Hall and becoming a denizen.

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