Jan 31

I’m sick of short guys complaining all the time as if we tall people were born lucky and have it much easier in the world than they do. The fact of the matter is the only real complaint that a short guy has is with the importance that women have placed on height! The only reason that we get dates any easier is due to the invention of the high-heel shoe; the heel adds 2, 3, 4, hell sometimes 6 inches to a woman’s height and since they never want to be the tall one – well do the math. There is your complaint. Let me explain to you some of the reasons why being tall sucks, everyone has their issues but tall isn’t automatically a win. First off, I am 6’2” and that’s tall but it isn’t extremely tall – so I can only… [Read more]

Jan 30

Editor’s Note: While family members and self-conscious losers will throw out the word bougie in order to make themselves feel better about putting us down, many people ARE bougie, and more than earn the label due to their elitist behavior. What Does It All Mean? I was reading an article recently where the author was lamenting the fact that she had been called bougie (black slang for bourgeois, which essentially means an elitist faker). From reading the commentary and people sharing their stories of receiving this label from family members and the like, I realized that I had the same things going as those who had been called bougie in the past. You know… education, a love for food and wine, reading, going places where people don’t normally go… etc. etc. The difference however is that I have never been given the label; sure I’ve… [Read more]

Jan 27

Yes, the beauty that is the sundress… comfortable for women but sexy as hell for men. It is the dress that keeps on giving – if you take notice that is. Many “ass men” feel me on the power of a sundress just because a thick girl wearing one will magnetize more eyes than a $100 bill sitting on the ground. It just hugs a woman in the right way – do you know what I’m saying? Sundresses are awesome, visually they reveal sexy shoulders (that’s another article), shapely legs, relaxed hair… and that little bit of fantasy dealing with naïve country girls looking to experiment. Woof! I’ll tell you why we men love sundresses so much; they symbolize that feminine balance that drives us crazy! The cut of the sundress is short enough to keep us guessing, yet long enough to remain innocent. The… [Read more]

Jan 26

To the average man it seems as if women want 150% of our attention, all the time… they want us to play on their time, in their stadium, in their city. When asked “what must a man do for a woman to respect our personal guy time?” The answer is always “make time for her”, but how much time is enough time? What about the chick with nothing going on, who will keep you on the couch watching crap TV for hours if you let her? Men don’t find that fun, interesting or remotely desirable – but we feel we have to, or the woman will leave. Sound like hell? Well gamers, loners and forever-aloners, I offer some solutions to your woes with the boring, seemingly demanding woman in your life who always has something to say when you’re enjoying your thing. What’s Her Issue… [Read more]

Jan 25

Recently myself, the girlfriend and her 14 yr old daughter went to go see Red Tails – a movie about the Tuskegee airmen who overcame racist war restrictions to show that black men could fight Nazis just like their white brethren. During the movie the hot shot Ace pilot and resident “bad boy” Joe ‘Lightning’ Little hooked up with an Italian bird named Sophia and the fireworks went off. The two knew maybe 5 words of each other’s language, but through gestures and genuine attraction it managed to work – hell it worked out pretty damn well. Now beyond the fact that Lightning was charming, a prototype of what women love (smooth, mysterious and dangerous if crossed) and Sophia was quiet, lady-like and beautiful; there was something else that led to the unison of these two very different worlds. Lightning needed something to live for… [Read more]

Jan 24

There’s an understanding amongst men (sometimes expressed in conversation) about women when it comes to dating. Men as a whole expect that a bachelor, with money, and a good head for conversation can bag any chick he wants all because we have women bottled up into a casual stereotype for our understanding. We see women as the prized deer (with horns) that we have to coax into our trap nice and easy, just before pulling the trigger and snacking on venison burgers. The coaxing of course is assumed to be money, charm and a whole line of bull. So what are some of the things that your casual male date may be assuming when he texts you the address to the comedy show that you planned to go see? Take a look at these 5 things… sure they won’t make you happy, but trust me… [Read more]

Jan 23

I am an avid listener of the Steve Harvey Morning Show, and especially of the Strawberry Letter – an email letter format for listeners who seek advice. The majority of the advice sought is about love and relationships, and to a lesser extent other family situations. These letters run the gamut of serious enough for a referral for professional intervention, to downright trifling, repetitive, and stupid! Ooops! Did I say that? Anyway, recently Steve and his cohost Shirley (last name Strawberry) received a letter from a woman who stated she was in a relationship with a married man. She suggested to him for his wife to join them in a threesome (every man’s fantasy right???). After some hesitation on the part of Mr. and Mrs. Down For Anything, this ménage trois was on and popping. This fantastic instigator claims that her lover’s wife is now… [Read more]

Jan 20

“Dear Dragon, my neighbor upstairs is in a new relationship and I can hear her bed hitting the wall hard almost every night at the same time (2 am), what the hell! How do you talk to her without the embarrassment?” – Steven.K I had this same problem Steve when I moved into my new house. It didn’t help much that the chick was a straight up block rocker, nothing cute about her – and she was on bitch mode on the regular. So giving the boyfriend a pound and hollering at him wasn’t even possible. I’ll get back to my story but my advice is to holler at the dude, our male bond makes a question like that more of a prop than a diss. Do you understand? I’d pull him to the side like “hey what’s up man, look its real funny to… [Read more]