Feb 28

  So the Academy Awards Ship set sail, went by and was talked about for all of 10 minutes by myself and my fellows. One thing that stuck out to me in conversation with one of my buds was that sexy had an age limit with certain men. Observe this conversation: Greg: Cameron Diaz is so damn goofy at times but did you check out J-Lo’s cleavage dress? Friend: (hisses his teeth) Ya I saw her… what is she like 40 now? Greg: Around that age, but she’s still got it going on… Friend: Sure, but you know… it’s like, we’ve seen it a million times. Greg: Who her? Friend: Ya, I was looking at(insert young actress), now she was cute to me (trails off into describing other actress). That conversation is par for the course for guys; chances are you yourself have had them. It makes… [Read more]

Feb 27

So the warning signs are going off like alarms in your head and you know that you’re about to get “the talk” from your woman about the relationship and how you need a break, which will lead to your being dumped. If your feelings are anything but panic at this point, chances are you are going to be somewhat happy about your newfound freedom. Being that we at The Hall have all been there before, we offer up 5 positive reasons why a breakup can be positive. 1. You’ve got your free time back – If it’s one thing that separates the sexes it’s the importance of chill time. Most guys will agree that our respective women look at chill time as “her time” which leaves us slinking away in the shadows, rationing off what little time we have to do stuff we actually like… [Read more]

Feb 25

One of the profiles that we respect on The Hall is that of men and women who fought, lived and maintained longevity on their own terms. What I mean by this is that any man who could survive into his late adult life within a society that used laws, government, schools and police to keep him “less than” is already a champion. If you add in the fact that a man like this defiantly and legally married 3 women that were of his oppressors and found a way to beat all challengers into a bloody pulp within the boxing ring then what you have is a certified badass. “for more than thirteen years, Jack Johnson was the most famous and the most notorious African-American on Earth.” – Ken Burns If you were a white man who loved boxing in the early 1900’s you would hate… [Read more]

Feb 23

Editor’s Note: One of the harshest “competitions” going on in life is the measuring stick of success that people seem to strive for. But guest author The Marksman brings to question “Isn’t success an individual journey?” A journey whose results are subjective at best? Of course it is, at least I personally agree but people still refer to others as being “successful” when they see nice cars, clothes and homes. Having been called “successsful” by quite a few people while feeling quite the opposite, I found the following article to really speak to me personally. I hope you find some value in it too.” – G.Dragon Just because you drive an expensive car or live in a big house, does not mean that you are successful, that is a common misconception in this country. Success is something that people measure differently, and most have opinions… [Read more]

Feb 22

In the movie Scarface, there is a scene where the drug lord Frank Lopez instructed a young Tony Montana that it was the guys who flew quietly in his business that did well. At the time the hot-headed Tony took it as a soft guy’s instruction on how to play it soft and stay a peasant but Frank’s words held more meaning than he even knew. When you work for someone, and you aspire to grow within the company and accomplish wonderful things, you cannot do it by joining the regulars in gossip, discontent, and mediocre work. There is a fine line between brown nosing and what I am about to say to you, but brown nosing is something else completely so please don’t misunderstand my intent. “A man is a good retainer to the extent that he earnestly places importance in his master. This… [Read more]

Feb 20

Be Supportive. Act like a man… as in don’t be overly dramatic, be extremely candid and demand sex often. Never compare your man to your father. Keep that to yourself! Have a life (and friends) of your own. Don’t give up the sex too fast – until we’ve had sex, then give it up often. Be upfront and not passive aggressive. Express yourself, we aren’t mind readers and we lack your “intuition”. Have a sense of humor. Don’t pretend to like everything we like. Have a passion – something besides the man: career, cooking, flying jets… anything! Let a man be a man. Accept that a man isn’t into the same things that you are (shows, food, shoes, etc.) Have a positive and refreshing outlook on life. Never vent without want of a solution. This is irritating and worthless to a man. Don’t dictate a… [Read more]

Feb 16

Are you a great listener to friends and coworkers as they unburden their problems on you? Do you find yourself the one who always know the right thing to say, full of nuggets of wisdom and advice? Be careful, this will fast become your part-time job. Often times it boils down to a single individual complaining about a boss, a partner, or some other personal matter, and it is not uncommon to find your posture changed from listening passively, to participating actively by literally being the shoulder to cry on, and the arms to provide comfort. But it never stops there, and eventually, sex – the great pacifier and purported healer is added to the mix. Unfortunately, this is the modus operandi of most cheaters. Biggest in the game is the married person who puts it up front that “yes I am married, but….” Once… [Read more]

Feb 15

A long time ago in the land of ignorance and naiveté, I was a young, starving artist in school trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. Having bypassed my aspirations of ace fighter pilot and medical doctor (I know I was all over the place), I decided on what came easily to me… drawing. “Graphic Design Students… Please Stop Selling Out” One day after having the last Little Debbie Snack Cake in my cupboard for breakfast and trolling through classes pondering when my Financial Aid check would finally come in, I decided to try my hand at hustling. Promptly gathering up some paper from the printer in our computer lab and a couple pencils, I went to the center of the school (the most social area) and set up shop, drawing people for $5 a pic. An hour later… [Read more]