Mar 30
Stressed out woman behind the wheel of a car

As students we are given homework, tasks meant to be studied on our own time in order to memorize, master and absorb lessons that may have been missed in the classroom. Good students who make the grade will do as they are told; homework gets done before play and they ace the tests at the end of the semester. As we mature into adults and take on our respective careers, it becomes easy to lose ourselves and absorb the drama of the workplace to where we become our work. Never Make Business Personal One of the best lessons that an employee can teach themselves is how to adopt the gangster mentality of separating work from home. While an overworked clerk may take work home with her, she will not take work home with her. Do you get what I’m saying here? Let me explain. There… [Read more]

Mar 29
A disappointed woman sits with upset boyfriend seated behind her

The following is a list of men that women should avoid for fear of disappointment once the honeymoon period is over. The list was compiled based on the feedback I often hear from women whenever their new dream guy turned out to be a nightmare. I find that because the right questions aren’t asked initially and a man’s lifestyle, background and habits aren’t examined many women take us at face value only to feel salty about it down the road. I will say that I am not just some writer pointing fingers as I see parts of myself within this list; being a Stargazer with a little bit of Trick Baby to me has made my love-life a journey of mountains and valleys. So don’t be offended if you see yourself in there. With this in mind I hope that you find the list interesting,… [Read more]

Mar 28
Slave girl Mira slicing through an enemy in Spartacus Vengeance

Don’t let the notion of a “slave girl” fool you, in Spartacus: Vengeance 2012 it is the slave girls who run the show. The three women in our gallery today are she-wolves, they fight like men, love like napalm and are as bloodthirsty as the Roman Arena. So do not think this some soft, girly skin show my boys – these gals bring the pain. In Spartacus: Vengeance, the gladiators have escaped into the hills away from Roman rule where they conduct guerrilla warfare on the legionnaires in order to free even more slaves to swell their ranks. Due to being outnumbered by their Roman masters, the men are forced to train the women to fight like they do and of all the former slave girls 3 shine like the crown of Apollo. These 3 women are: Naevia, the beloved of the mighty Gaul Crixus – played… [Read more]

Mar 27
Basketball player Dwayne Wade sits with his son

When we see someone out there doing well, taking time to be an upstanding gentleman and curbing his actions to stay right when children are involved, we just smile and keep it moving. At the same time when we someone with more money than God, a large house, athletic ability and an incredible savvy for finances, we get upset at their transgressions because they are supposed to be role models. In my opinion it is up to us as people to switch this up and stop pushing the honor of role model unto bad men in hopes that they will feel scolded and change their behavior for the better. A role model is someone who is already in motion doing things worthy of the title, not someone who your kids latch unto for want of shooting a basketball just like them. A role model is… [Read more]

Mar 22

So you have been wanting a girlfriend (within your race) for some time and have found it to be a task. This could be due to a lack of that certain type of woman in your area, compatibility issues, bad luck, or something you personally do to turn women off. Whatever the reason, you find yourself at a crossroads in life – one path demanding that you broaden your horizons, the other will leave you lonely for years to come. What I am about to offer you men that are in this situation is a bit of perspective on interracial dating and what it is that disallows you from trying it – with a suggestion on how to get past it. Why Should You Branch out? Believe it or not, most men think the same way you do and it makes sense when you think… [Read more]

Mar 20

It is important to take your time when getting to know someone. A lot of people get excited when they meet someone and they call their friends talking about how they met “the one” for them after only knowing the person for a week or two. The problem with this is the other person may not be feeling you in the same way, and while you think they are Mr. Right, they may be thinking that you are Mrs. Right Now. For that it is important to put infatuation aside, and temper your enthusiasm as much as possible in the early stages. Women on average are more emotional than men; this can be a troubling situation for both men and women because of infatuation, which can lead people to do irrational things. This can be more dangerous for women because men typically take longer to… [Read more]

Mar 16

And they totally have been known to look like members of the cast of the Walking Dead when browsing the aisles of Walgreens for toiletries. (The zombies – not the cool guys with the machine guns.) They’re walking aimlessly and groaning. Lost and confused. Why? Because unlike their female counterpart, most men were never shown how to shop. And no – that time your girlfriend drug you to the mall for eight hours doesn’t count. You were there to provide the credit card and hold her purchases. Sorry to burst your bubble. Several factors account for why a lot of men are just not that into shopping for the basics – the most obvious one being that since your birth, manly essentials just magically appeared when you needed them. The reality? You had your mom to thank for that one. And it’s time to give… [Read more]

Mar 13

One note before I get into this wonderful list of 10 things that people enjoy who live by themselves. If you have a significant other, a sibling or a roommate who allows you to do most of these things and is understanding and tolerant enough to make your life together easy then you are a very lucky person. Most roommates are selfish, demanding, messy slobs who make our life a little more annoying than it needs to be so naturally many of us like to do it alone. The following list is a set of reasons why loneliness isn’t necessarily negative. 1. The Sound of Silence Call me scarred from living in the dorms of a college, or maybe it’s my nature but I love the hell out of silence. When you live with others you are always arguing, talking or overhearing phone conversation. Being… [Read more]