Apr 30
Man gets rejected

Fun fact for the ladies: Men NEVER get over it. Women hate on other women due to the chance that this other woman can easily “take their man” due to the upgrade potential right? This is what was relayed to me from a female colleague that I debated with as she explained why Angelina Jolie was public enemy number one for women after acquiring Brad Pitt as her beau. The way she explained it was that a man standing with his girl who is a 7 (8 if she really tries) on the looks scale can easily lose her man to a 10 who puts in the extra sex appeal and game to upgrade to a 15 – which (according to her) renders us men into to slobbing, drooling, helpless cheaters. Brothers of the man race, this is how our women see it, and it… [Read more]

Apr 27
Competitive girls gaming

The point of this article is not to defend women per se but to plead to those who game in public, to stand up for yourselves whenever a douchebag gets brazen enough to cross the line. Too often have I seen situations like the cross assault debacle go down, where the victim smiles and takes it on the chin instead of going ape on the offender. I’ve never seen a fight break out in the arcade over a game, and I have been gaming heavily since I was about 8yrs old… up until the arcade scene died with the creation of next-gen graphical beasts like the Sega Dreamcast. The reason why I bring up the arcade is because it was as public as you will ever get and I never saw a man calling a woman the things I hear on games now that we… [Read more]

Apr 26
Beautiful latina smiling

Editor’s Note: One of our most popular themes on The Hall has always been about the curse of beauty and the bonuses and penalties that come along with it. Many of us have a hard time seeing how being born beautiful can have any negative aspects but many of us agree that it does. To help illustrate the good and the bad of being born beautiful, our own Nadia Arain breaks it down in the following list: Being an attractive woman (PROS): Everyone looks at you! Everyone. Your self-esteem is usually through the roof because you KNOW you’re the center of attention. People marvel at your aesthetics! You get free stuff. Free meals, drinks, rides, AND you get served faster. Since when have you heard that gorgeous people pay for things? Compliments, and lots of them. Having a bad day? Whatever, someone’s bound to compliment you and… [Read more]

Apr 25
Hottie in a suitcase

Two things become immediately evident when traveling – The first is that people of color need to travel more, and the second is that prejudiced people need to travel more. These two observations are a known fact but if you have any doubt just take a vacation elsewhere and look around – it slaps you in the face with reality. Traveling is an absolute necessity for people because when we “stay home” we come up with some really prejudiced notions that can only be fixed through exposure to outsiders. It’s embarrassing to see someone look at a Rastafarian and assume him dirty because of his hair, it’s pretty damn ignorant. We all make mistakes like this (even though some people have enough couth to not joke loudly about it) but with more exposure to other cultures the less of a chance you have of being… [Read more]

Apr 24
Man thinking of a woman

On The Surface: Physical Attraction – Let’s get this one out of the way right now as it’s what everyone knows and expects to be here. It is true, the first thing a man sees beautiful in a woman is her perfect, irresistible face and body. Every man has his own version of what traits makes for a woman to be irresistible but a lot of these traits crossover to enable a few women in society to be instantly recognized as beautiful to everyone looking at her. Humility – Confidence is fine, but many men get turned off by women who constantly remind the world that they are beautiful. The thinking is that a true beauty is still not that comfortable with it to wear it as a crown, men like the chance at reminding her that she is a drop-dead gorgeous woman. This is… [Read more]

Apr 23
Kristen Stewart looking bored

I mean no offense by this but whenever I hear an adult claim to be “bored” it just strikes me that they are a worthless, privileged person. Do you know how many struggling people worldwide would love to be bored at least once in their life? I know upon reading the title you thought I was going to dig into people for “not having a life” or being losers but seriously, teenagers get bored, adults should always be doing something, even if that something is relaxing and enjoying life; boredom is not an option. Granted this is just my opinion, but to people who are actively working on a future, working to provide for their families and working for a better quality of life, bored people are simply in the way. Bored adults call you up late at night to see what’s going on and… [Read more]

Apr 20
man and woman smiling

So you’re best friends with a guy and you have all the things he should want in a woman, yet he never asks you out – choosing instead to go for your friends, or girls he meets elsewhere. What’s the deal? You are constantly in his friend-zone but you aren’t firm on why this is. The following list of 10 are some of the most common reasons why the guy in your life will never ask you out. 1. You’re not beautiful, and/or he doesn’t find you sexy Sure you’re all that to other males but to the one you choose to be your mate, you’re just “cool”. It’s a hard pill to swallow I know, but there is no woman alive that is truly capable of getting any man she wants. Don’t get it twisted, there’s nothing wrong with you, it’s just not in… [Read more]

Apr 18
Power lifter doing front squats

Well as we all know men rarely if ever work out their legs in a gym – it’s just too hard and painful. Hell, I haven’t been able to walk for the past 5 days dues to going absolutely ape on some front squats (hence this article). Legs hurt if you do them correctly, they hurt like hell and they are such a big muscle group that the pain is absolutely insane. Most guys shy away from a squat rack due to: Not being comfortable with balancing the weight. Knowing that they won’t be able to lift a lot due to not being used to working their legs. The uncomfortable pain that follows a real leg workout. Feeling as if they don’t have to, due to the fact that humans walk and run a lot outside of the gym. Of course each and every one… [Read more]