May 31
two men staring at a woman

Believe it or not, men do care whether or not your nose, breasts, butt, or eyes are real. Some men may pretend to not care, and a few actually don’t, but if we’re talking about men in a general sense then you would get a resounding “hell yes” from the populace. When men talk there tends to be high value placed in women who are blessed with good genes and lovely lady lumps. Women with natural beauty, natural breasts (or a good enough plastic surgeon to fool us) are now called “wife material”, “sexy as hell”, and dare I say “hot”. There is extra emphasis placed on breasts where an enhanced d-cup walking by will make our eyes go crazy, but a woman with obvious real ones will make the eyes pop even more. It can be confusing to an outside woman watching because it… [Read more]

May 30
happy couple in love

Many women get involved romantically with men and expect them to take on the role of the boyfriend and husband that they have concocted in their mind. This shadow avatar of a boyfriend (let’s call him Ben) is a Frankenstein creature, built from soap operas, Romance Comedies, her father, brothers, and boyfriends of the past. He is attentive when she’s in the mood for him, he politely nudges her for sex often, and his entire life is changed for her; his every waking moment being a struggle to get as much time with her as possible. Ben had a high position in his company and his aspirations for wealth led him to being an efficient, smart, working machine. Long hours yield long money and it allowed him to take her out on dates to the fanciest of restaurants in the most exclusive locations. But when… [Read more]

May 29
james dean

So what is the difference between High School cool and Adult cool? Well we define our own brand of cool when we become confident in our own skin (if you’re lucky), confident in our career, and confident in our love life. Adult cool can be the 40 yr. old father who still dresses like the cool cats of his day, or it can be the child-at-heart uncle who delights in doing projects around his house. Cool is a mindset, it is confidence, and adult cool to us here at the Hall of The Black Dragon is when you get to the point where nobody  can question your sense of style, you are good where you are. Teenage cool however is being accepted by everyone else, it’s a tribal type of mentality where you do things to be seen as normal by others. Many adults are… [Read more]

May 28
beautiful woman in bed

When it comes to infatuation we men can be really stupid, hell it pretty much borders on insanity when you get a horny guy and a woman of his type butt naked in the same vicinity. I see it at strip clubs, I hear about it from the horse’s mouth, I’ve personally been there… it’s a fact we don’t like to admit. In the past I did an article called So Beautiful That You Want To Skip The Condom and used an example of a man attending a party and being invited into a bathroom with a beautiful woman for sex. I asserted that 9 times out of 10 if there was no condom and the woman looked like Meagan Good, the man would do it anyway. I know that a lot of men said otherwise but are we being honest with ourselves about this?… [Read more]

May 25
annoying parents

“Dear friends and family, even though I love you to death and would do just about anything for you, I need you to understand that my single status does not mean that it’s okay to infringe on my space for long periods of time. Please respect me as much as you would if I were married with a wife at home and refrain from treating me like an overgrown teenager to take advantage of. Sincerely, single guy” It is one of the biggest unspoken irritations with being single that nobody ever talks about… because it feels rude. Do you know what I’m getting at? Well it’s the very real issue of family members who are down and out moving in on the single relative “for a few weeks” and overstaying their welcome sometimes into the years. Families never respect the lives of those who are… [Read more]

May 24
depressed old man

Doctors seem to be full of it many times (at least to us men), they come in an hour later, glance at a few papers, guess at some mess and then prescribe you pills. Not to mention the fat bill that shows up about a month later after you leave the office feeling no better than you went in. This is the general attitude that men have with the medical field and it is the reason why your man refuses to go despite the pain that he may be going through. I know that I am not a big fan of doctors having been sent home to self-heal enough times (with a hefty bill) but there are a few more reasons why the doctor is a last option for me during sick time… Men Are Stubborn And We Like To Procrastinate Calling up a doctor… [Read more]

May 23
annoying dame dash

“You been hustlin a long time and you aint got nothin” – 50 Cent (Wankster) Quite often you hear people brag about having multiple jobs, side hustles, and other forms of income, but how many of them are doing better than you and your one job? We all know broke hustlers, hell hustling is normally what comes as a result of being broke; so what’s the point of bragging about hustling if there is no success behind it? See it’s one thing to have made money hustling and brag about the journey but it comes off as pathetic when the hustle is all you have to account for. See successful businessmen do it all the time, they talk about living out of their cars, having doors slammed in their faces, and worse. Street hustlers who make it become legendary and their tales are almost as… [Read more]

May 22
turquoise jeep video

“I’m trying to wife you up so I can love you down, I come across town to hear that Ooh Ahh sound…” This short film by Turquoise Jeep is a love story that can touch both men and women not only with the hilarious cast of characters but the real situation of true love and a man going for his. It’s a well done video but what else do you expect from The Jeep? The film features Flint Flossy, Watchyamacallit, Tummy Scratch, Young Humma, Pretty Raheem, Slick Mahoney and a new hottie member Moonrock. It has 2 music videos within it and is specifically about Flint Flossy losing his beautiful Bengladesh girlfriend and becoming depressed about it. If you’ve listened to any of Turquoise Jeep’s videos in the past there is no doubt that you’re a fan – but no worries every character in the… [Read more]